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Valley Forge...next weekend....any recommendations on an evil rifle?

  1. Hi, folks!

    Well, the gun show arrives at the Valley Forge Convention Center next weekend. I have been considering the purchase of an evil rifle for a while. I had been thinking about an AR-type but have recently wondered about an AK-type of rifle. The AK's seem to be about half of the price of an AR. I had seen an AK-type at a local gun store and, having absolutely NO idea about them at all, I posted a thread in the Kalashnikov Forum asking for suggestions for a relatively short-barreled, folding-stock AK type of rifle.....the more "evil" features, the better! The rifle that I had seen at the gun store had a folding stock, what appeared to be a laminated wood foregrip and a black pistol-grip. They were asking $559 for it. Of course, being completely ignorant about the rifle, I had though I could ask if that seemed like a fair price. Apparently, there are more variations of that rifle than Anna Nicole Smith had lovers! Everyone who responded to my post was very helpful, as is usual on GT. The problem I have is that I have been overwhelmed with a wealth of information....and at my age, I can no longer process that much data! ARGH!!

    Anyway, to put an end to this post, I guess I'm asking if any PA Glockers know of any helpful, reputable dealers who will be at the Valley Forge show who could assist me in picking an evil rifle? And, not to start a war, but are AR rifles worth the extra money compared to an AK rifle?

    Thanks, in advance, for taking the time just to read this!!
  2. thats really expensive....if you keep looking around you can get a good ak for $300-$400

    personally id go with an ar type rifle just for the simple fact you can do SOOOO much differnt stuff to it...considering the upper receiver and lower receiver come apart and you can get different uppers with different barrels for all sorts of different applications and still just have one gun but a different barrel for a different purpose and still keep all your scopes and sights dead on! One day you may feel like long range so you slap on your upper with a heavy free float stainless bull barrel and go tot he range..next day maybe close quarter type stuff so you slap on your other upper with a 16" barrel with all your flashlights and lasers and other gadgets your dont need.
  3. Thanks for the quick response and the "price check". I have no idea of what these rifles should sell for.....but thanks to you, I do now!

    I appreciate your opinion.

    By the way, I'm really not planning on modifying either the AR -type or the AK-type rifle. I actually doubt that I will even fire it (but I'd still like to get a well-made rifle). I kind of want to have it before the Libs tell me that I can't.....thus the desire to have as many "evil" features as is practical. And I think that I'd better get one before there's an increase in demand due to an impending reincarnation of the AWB and prices skyrocket.

    Thanks again for your reply. If I get to the Valley Forge gun show next weekend, I'll be a bit better prepared.
  4. If you're going to use it as a rifle that will take a beating, i wouldn't get a folding stock. Get a fixed one. And i paid 325$ for a romanian AK and 700 rounds of ammo. I wouldn't buy any other kind of AK. This one works flawless through 800 rounds of me putting it through hell. Not just plinking off a rest.
  5. John from Stonybrook Firearms in York is a good guy. He is usually at the VF show. I don't know exactly what he has in the line of AK, but he did have a CETME or two the last I was in his shop. Don't know if those make that trip though.
  6. Is it a
    SAR 1
    WASR 2
    WASR 10
  7. WASR 10

    Phoenix Distributor has Colt AR A3 Mod.6721 for only $1100.00

    They are the middle row almost across from Stoney Creek when you first walk in.
    Next to the first pillar as you enter the main large room.
  9. Did you spot any good deals down there today? I'm heading down tomorrow sometime...probably in the afternoon.
  10. AK's all seem to have gone up another $50.00 no mags to be found CDNN has better ones.
    AR's are about the same.Except for the Colt.

    I didn't see anything that caught my eye.Not any LEO trade In's so that is gonna raise the price of all used guns.

    I was really their for the reloading stuff and wanted some new AK mags.
  11. I swung by the show today, and although I wasn't specifically looking for an evil looking rifle, I did take a gander at a few. Seems like the cheapest AK variants down there were going for about $370 and the cheapest AR I spotted was $700. I ended up bringing home a very clean looking used G26...came with the tupperware, two mags with Scherer extensions, mag loader, cable lock, and all the manuals...for $400. Not a super deal, but not too bad either.
  12. I'll be there tommorow(Sunday)morning.Sure I got a list of wants(who doesn't).But gonna look for deals on shotguns, subcompact 9x19mm pistols, ammo, holsters, and a quality fixed blade.