Va-alert: Urgent Tidewater Action Needed!

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    I can't say I know what Craig's views on any issues are. But I do think that no one should be denied the chance to run for an elected office. Especially because they didn't have enough signatures on a piece of paper.

    From the VCDL-PAC Chairman:


    I apologize for this late notice but I just got a call about supporting CRAIG HUDGINS in his Primary bid to unseat Senator Ken Stolle.

    As the Chairman of the Senate Courts of Justice Committee, Senator Stolle has been a major roadblock in getting many important pro-gun bills passed. Some of the bills that were killed thanks to Senator Stolle include: the restaurant ban repeal, full recognition of out-of-state permits, Castle Doctrine (legal protection if you have to defend yourself), requiring the State Police to sign off on Federal Form 4s if the local chief law enforcement officer does not wish to do so and the applicant is not a criminal (Form 4s are used for the purchase/transfer of a machine gun, silencer, etc.).

    ***Craig Hudgins needs to have signatures to get him into the Primary NO LATER THAN TOMORROW signed by voters in Senate District 8.***

    Please contact the below campaign contacts IMMEDIATELY - they will tell you what is necessary to get your signature.

    We desperately need to replace Senator Stolle and this is our opportunity!!! Such opportunities do not come often.

    Craig Hudgins is a:

    1. Retired military pilot

    2. Pilot flying transcontinental for United Airlines

    3. Publisher of The Virginia Chronicle, a weekly
    paper with a Christian/conservative editorial slant

    Please support his efforts by contacting:

    Rev. Bob Wallace
    757-416-8357 (cell)
    757-859-6734 (home)

    Steven Hudgins
    757-496-8878 (home)
    757-650-1790 (cell)

    Approved by Kenneth M. Elliott, Jr. Chairman VCDL PAC 01-042
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    I don't know that his views on gun control even matter.

    Senator Stolle has repeatedly used his position as head of committee to block pro gun legislation from seeing the floor.

    If Senator Stolle gets beat in the primary you don't have to worry about the committee blocking the legislation.

    Even if Mr. Hudgins is rabidly anti gun as a freshman Senator he wouldn't be a committee chairman. So while the overall progun vote may not change in the senate, the chance of getting progun bills to the floor improves dramatically.