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I've got one of those blue UZI Pistol (Micro UZI) for sale. It's a little dusty, and there are some slight scratches on it. But, no dents or cracks. It looks great inside as well; there are some scratches where the pistol once sat, but other than that it's good.

Included is the original site adjustment "key." I'd rate it at 95% - 99%. Nothing broken, bent, etc. It still takes a bit of a shove to snap it back into it's holder inside the box, too!

Finally, I'll give you your chopice of instruction manuals. I've got the manual with the "bent" trigger guard UZI pistol pictured and I've got the manual with the "squared" UZI pistol pictured on front. The choice is yours.....

I'm asking 49.95 for the box, key, and ONE manual. I will gladly take a money order or PayPal. Please feel free to ask for references!

I'll see if I can get some pics up in the next week or so.


[email protected]
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