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Utah Valley FFL's willing to do a transfer?

  1. So, I was unable to find a local source for the Swiss rifle I wanted to buy.
    Thus, I'm going to have to buy one from out of state and have it transferred here. It's an 03 FFL / Curio and Relic firearm.
    Was wandering if anyone here on the forum has an FFL and is able to do transfers (for a reasonable fee, of course : ) or has another dealer whom you would recommend to handle transfers.
  2. Gunnies in Orem as well as Rangemasters in Springville will do transfers for $25. I can't find a better price on a transfer.
  3. Gunnies used to do all of my transfers for $15, are they now $25? Rangemasters is $25 and so is pretty much every other FFL unless you go to Salt Lake County.
  4. Yeah, Gunnies is $25, I did a transfer through them last month.
  5. Dianne Raciewicz at Tight Group Enterprises does transfers for $20.00.

    She's at about 7400 S. and Redwood Rd.