USSS Package Uzi?

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    Jan 1, 2017
    Hi Guys,

    I'm sure that there is an Action Arms, Uzi forum or the like but, since I'm a member here, thought I'd run this by you all first.

    Around 2000 when I was and FFL/SOT I purchased a pre-sample UZI from a former USSS Agent who was also an SOT. He told me that it was an Israeli IMI / Action Arms USSS Package Uzi. I don't have a regular select fire Uzi to compare it to. I don't have notes on what makes it a USSS package gun and don't see any info online.

    The gun is in awesome shape, minimally fired. I've never fired it myself.

    So, I thought that I'd ask here in case anyone knows.

    Thanks for any info!!
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