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USPSA Match @ BGSL, Wilmore, KY Sunday

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The Blue Grass Sportsman League is having their monthly USPSA Match, Sunday.

This month the long gun is rifle.

The round count for pistol is approximately 120, and the round count for rifle is approximately 32. BRING EXTRA AMMO!

Match registration will be open from 9:00 AM until 10:00 AM at the shelter in the pistol pits.
New shooter registration will be open from 8:45 AM until 9:30 AM.

Set up begins at 8:00 AM, we go hot at 10:30 AM.

New shooters (to BGSL) must arrive no later than 9:00 AM for the new shooter check.

If you are a member you can use your gate card to open the gate.

If you are not a BGSL member, simply use the key pad at the gate to call the number displayed on the sign for Pistol (006), whoever has the Pistol phone will use it to remotely open the gate after you state that you are there for the USPSA match.

The Pistol phone will be answered from 8:45 AM until 10:00 AM on Sunday.

Match fee is $20.00. BGSL members shoot for $15.00. Junior shooters (17 and under) shoot for $10.00 with a paid adult.

As always, we welcome new shooters and spectators.

You can always view our complete schedule here
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From the MD, "Due to the amount of snow and it not going to be letting up anytime soon we will have to cancel the match. The roads on the club property won't be cleared and the pits will be full of snow which isn't a good thing while we are running around with guns."

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