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Using Glock Pistol Certificate in California

  1. I live in California, which has rather significant restrictions* on purchasing recent Glock models, or newer generations of legacy models. Current models/iterations allowed for purchase new through an LGS can be found here.

    *There are several caveats to this, including permission to purchase a not on-list pistol from out of state or buying from an LEO in-state. Essentially you cannot purchase a new one of these models in the state of CA unless you’re LEO or one of a few other exceptions

    My question: Would ordering an off-list model into CA via the certificate meet the letter of CA law?

    *mods: if this doesn’t belong here, please relocate, or delete if necessary
  2. I live in California and if you want my honest opinion... not a chance.

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  3. The pistol would have to go thru a FFL. If the pistol was not on the register the FFL would not release it to you. You could theoretically buy or acquire a pistol from out of state but it would stop at the FFL, and stay there unless the seller was willing to take it back. Use your cert on a registry model.
  4. Perhaps you can get the off-list model of your choice through a PPT here that is 'like new' and pay a premium price from other than law enforcement officer and sell your certificate, but I really don't know much about either.

    Otherwise, you'll have to select one of the 54 Glock Gen 3 models on the roster of handguns certified for sale. All others are considered unsafe handguns under California law. That's what I'd do if in your situation.

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