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USGI Medic's Bag, Casualty/Survival Blankets, etc...

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Flotsam, Oct 29, 2006.

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    New No.16 Aid bag w/ supplies
    A new nylon No.16 aid bag w/ following supplies:
    (1) Heavy Duty Casualty Blanket
    (10) 4”x4 yd gauze rolls
    (10) packs of 4x4 gauze (2/pack)
    (4) 5"x9" ABD pads
    (12) 4”x7” field dressings
    (4) compressed muslin dressings
    (4) 11.75”x11.75” field dressings
    (4) 8”x7.5” field dressings
    (1) roll 2” cloth tape
    (1) large burn pad (24”x36”) (placed under patient to absorb excess fluids, but may be used as a very large trauma pad)
    (1) set minor instruments (scissors, forceps, knife handle & blades, needle drive, hemostats)
    (1) bulb suction device
    (2) oropharyngeal airways (adult & child)
    (5) pair vinyl exam gloves
    (1) GI angle head flashlight
    (3) 4” ace-type elastic bandages
    (30) adhesive bandages (assorted sizes)
    (10) packs bacitracin ointment
    (4) empty pill vials
    (1) waterproof overbag w/ velcro & strap closure

    $60, delivered by FedEx Ground

    Pic of Aid Bag

    Picture is representative - actual quantities are as listed above.

    New USGI #16 Medical Instrument & Supply bag - OD green nylon, 16 pockets (multiple sizes, each numbered, w/ shoulder strap - $25, delivered CONUS

    Army Issue First Aid Pouch - approx6"x4"x3", OD green nylon w/ snap closure & alice clips - $4 delivered CONUS (4/$12)

    Pic of first aid pouch

    MAST antishock trousers
    new, w/ carry bag, pump & instruction card

    $50, delivered by FedEx Ground

    Anti-shock trousers Pic

    Blow Out Kit, First Aid Kit: Includes USGI First Aid Pouch, triangular bandage, battle dressing, 4"x4yd bulky gauze dressing, 4" elastic (ace-type) bandage. 2"x6' gauze bandage. mylar emergency blanket, forceps, small hemostat, scissors & empty pill vial - $16, delivered CONUS

    Pic of Blow Out Kit

    Casualty blanket: heavy-duty aluminzed plastic blanket - OD on one side, silver on the other, edges reinforced w/ binding tape, grommets for use as a lightweight tarp. Measures 84"x56" - $10, delivered CONUS (5/$45, delivered CONUS)

    Pic of Casualty Blanket

    Please email any questions.

    Thanks for looking,

    payment by paypal (+3%) or money order, please