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Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by DanaT, Mar 21, 2010.

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    The local pawn shop has a Mech-Tech CCU in 10mm (on of the early ones without the collapsable stock). They are asking around $300 for the unit (way to much).

    New they are $349.

    Anyone have any idead what a fair price that the pawn shop may pounce on? They have had this well over 6 months.

    In general, something like this I would offer about $150 maybe $175 for.

    For some reason, it seems like a neat idea for a 10mm "carbine". Of course, once it gets much over $200 I would either buy a new one or a barrel for my contender.

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    I seem to remember some posts on the reliability issues the earlier versions had. I know they were resolved. I would give mech tech a call to see what to look for and how much it would cost to upgrade if needed and to see what the older versions were running to get a base price to work from.

    I had one when i used to shoot 45 acp great but didn't use it much as i always figured i would go to my AK if i really needed a carbine. I never had an issue with mine. Super reliable very well made.

    That being said I would love to pick one up for 150.00 to 175.00 thats reasonable. I think it would be a blast to have 30 round sticks full blown 10 mm loads with carbine accuracy and velocity.
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