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    Aug 23, 2007
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    It doesnt bother me much, Its just were all adults here, I think the use of supposed "swear" words is appropriate. Saying Crap when you mean sh1t isnt fooling anyone, so why *****foot around it? When I say "when the **** hits the fan" and its full of stars, just doesnt feel right. :( Were all adults, we can handle "adult" language(think we can agree most people have been swearing since before they were adults). Just doesnt seem like we need to censor words people use alot. Were not 10, our moms arent going to wash our mouths out with soap( or our eyes?). :)
    Anyway, just my view on the matter. Love your forum, and thats my suggestion on making the forum better :) Have a good day!


    by the way, I tried to say "p.u.ssyfoot" around, not a swear word :)