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US siezes Iranian oil shipment

  1. Somebody deserves a pat on the back. Nice work.
  2. Gee, I can think of another reason why Twitter should be shut down.....
  3. Well good for him then he shouldn't have any problems were the money goes.
  4. Well damn... my truck needs filling! I`ll take some!
  5. Back story.
    All 4 ships had turned off their automatic tracking devices well over a month ago. This is very dangerous.

    The shipments were seized and not the ships. Goodness knows when the ships were stopped or to whence the cargoes were off loaded.

    By not seizing the ships, you would get the cooperation of the ship owners and the insurers of the ships.

    I rather doubt that Iran purchased cargo insurance. I doubt that any insurance carrier would sell the insurance coverage. Moreover, Iran would have to declare the destination, which would be a dead give away of what cargoes to seize.

    So, even with over 13,000 tankers making the trip through a 20 mile wide opening in the sea, the US was able to monitor the loading of the cargo, make arrangements for off loading, and get the 4 cargoes. :cheers:
  6. Just curious....how do they stop these shipments? Interception with a warship?
  7. No. US bean counters confirm that the cargoes are on the four ships. Then you approach the ship owners, the insurance companies issuing insurance on the ships and give them an option: 1. just turn over the cargo to us; 2. we seize the ships and you lose -both the ship owners and the insurance companies insuring the ships.

    If you want to object that the Iranians owned the ships, you would not be correct. The Iranians would be using middle men. If the Iranians straight out owned the ships, they would be vulnerable to seizure.

    The real world. Onassis did not have a single ship that he owned attacked by either side during WW2. You can figure out why. You can also figure out that there are a lot of people in the world who make a shady living moving goods on the high seas and why the Iranians would not own the ships, fly the flag of Iran on the ships.
  8. https://freebeacon.com/national-sec...ear-in-persian-gulf-after-months-of-darkness/

    There are at least 80 Iranian ghost ships sailing the seas. Our federal bean counters are doing a fine job when they pick a few here and there. This stands in contrast to some forum members thinking that there is a fleet of US ships the size of WW2 still floating and able to chase down the people subject to sanctions, much less the pirates off Africa (who murdered my former dentist, Dr. Jean Savage) and the South China seas.

    angerous and ill-founded assumption.[26]
    Type 7 December 1941 14 May 1945 Note
    Battleships 17 23 (all types)
    Fleet Carrier 7 28
    Escort Carrier 1 71
    Cruiser 37 72 (all types)
    Destroyer 171 377 (all types)
    Frigate 0 361
    Submarine 112 232
    Amphibious Warfare 0 2,547 (including small craft)
    Total active 790 6,768 [27]