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US Army Question

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Hi Everyone,
I’m looking for some info about the US Army. Does anyone know if there is a West Point Military Academy that teaches 5 year olds/Kindergarten kids?? And houses them during the school year?? Thanks so much for any help!!!!
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I think there used to be one called Bunker Hill Military Academy, but there was some kind of armed rebellion by the students when the board announced they were closing the school and selling the property to build condominiums. Apparently the National Guard was called out, several casualties....;)
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Strange...their website is

You should leave semantics to the professionals.
I supervise people who train cadets at the United States Military Academy. West Point is its address and not its name. Seems like every time I imply that your name is accurate, you make another effort to prove me right. Notice they have the upcoming competition against Sandhurst, where some of my Soldiers will serve as cadre to run the competition - Sandhurst also isn't the name of the British academy. Also, "Annapolis" is a town in Maryland, not the name of the U.S. Naval Academy.

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No, I don't think so but I have seen a couple of officers that acted like five year olds.
I've also seen many enlisted act the same.
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