Urgent That You Contact Sen. Hatch

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    -- Contact Senator Hatch and urge him to drop his support of the
    Schumer-McCarthy bill!

    Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
    8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
    Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

    Monday, April 30, 2007

    Last week, GOA alerted you twice to the Brady Law expansion bill --
    legislation that will continue the assault on your Second Amendment

    This bill (HR 297) is gun control, pure and simple, and it is being
    pushed by the most rabid anti-gun congressmen in Washington. Current
    and past sponsors include anti-gun Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Ted
    Kennedy (D-MA), and Dick Durbin (D-IL). And on the House side,
    there's the notorious Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY), John Conyers (D-MI),
    Diana DeGette (D-CO) and Pete Stark (D-CA) who are in full support of
    this gun control measure.

    But what is confusing a lot of pro-gun Congressmen on the Hill is the
    fact that a former NRA Board Director (Rep. John Dingell of Michigan)
    and a current NRA board member (Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho) are both
    on record in support of this legislation.

    The NRA itself told Newsweek last Tuesday that the group "backs [the]
    proposed new legislation" which has become the gun control de jour in
    the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings.

    No wonder so many pro-gun congressmen on the Hill are confused and
    feel like they are caught in a crossfire between GOA and NRA.

    Newsweek reported, The NRA's position puts the group at odds with The
    Gun Owners of America, which has already launched a public campaign
    to block the legislation that the NRA supports, warning that the
    proposal could 'block millions of additional, honest gun owners from
    buying firearms.'"

    So what can we do? Or more importantly, what can YOU do?

    Well, your living in Utah gives you a very powerful voice in this
    fight. Unfortunately, your Senator -- Orrin Hatch -- has previously
    shown he agrees with the concept, as he was an original cosponsor in
    2003 of an almost identical bill (S. 1706), introduced by anti-gun
    Senator Chuck Schumer.

    But as of today, Senator Schumer has not reintroduced his Brady
    expansion yet. Hence, there is still time to urge Senator Hatch to
    reconsider his previous support of this measure. Getting Senator
    Hatch to reconsider would send shockwaves through the Congress and
    keep pro-gun legislators from getting behind this legislation as

    So it is imperative that you -- and as many other gun owners in the
    state of Utah as you can find -- contact Senator Hatch and encourage
    him to oppose this pernicious assault on our rights. You know that
    more gun control is not the answer to school shootings. And that is
    why we have provided you a special letter below to really help make
    the point that gun control is the problem, not the solution.


    1. Please take immediate action and contact Senator Orrin Hatch. You
    can e-mail Senator Hatch by using his webform at
    http://hatch.senate.gov/index.cfm?FuseAction=Offices.Contact --
    simply cut and paste the message below into the box provided.

    Or you can contact Senator Hatch by:

    Phone: 202-224-5251 or use the toll-free switchboard at 877-762-8762
    Fax: 202-224-6331

    2. Circulate this e-mail far and wide in the state of Utah. Get
    EVERY GUN OWNER you can to contact Senator Hatch. Urge him to
    reconsider his position on this bill and to renounce his previous
    support of it.

    ----- Pre-written letter -----

    Dear Senator Hatch:

    I am very concerned about our Second Amendment rights. I know that
    you have joined with anti-gun Senator Chuck Schumer in the past to
    cosponsor legislation that is very similar to a bill that will soon
    be considered in the House, HR 297. (As you probably know, this bill
    is being sponsored by the extremely anti-gun Rep. Carolyn McCarthy.)

    So I implore you to NOT support this legislation... to tell Chuck
    Schumer that you will NOT work with him on this bill again... and
    that you will instead try to REPEAL the gun control laws that create
    criminal safe zones, such as the one that exists on the Virginia Tech
    campus where no one is allowed to carry a gun for self-defense.

    Senator Hatch, before you decide to support the Schumer-McCarthy
    legislation again, will you please answer these two questions for me?

    First, do you think that expanded background checks will ultimately
    stop evil-minded people from getting a gun and prevent school
    shootings? In considering your answer, don't forget Canada, Germany
    and Scotland. Even though these countries have imposed massive
    amounts of gun control, they have been afflicted with school
    shootings in the past ten years.

    Second, are you aware that current gun control laws are denying
    law-abiding Americans their Second Amendment rights -- sometimes
    erroneously, but other times by intent? Before the Virginia Tech
    massacre occurred on April 16, there were several students and
    professors at that university who had publicly expressed their desire
    to carry guns on campus. But gun control left them disarmed and

    More to the point, you are on record as supporting an expansion of
    the Brady Law (S. 1706 in 2003). This law has already kept
    countless, law-abiding citizens from exercising their Second
    Amendment rights. Americans have been prevented from buying guns
    because of outstanding traffic tickets, because of errors, because
    the NICS computer system has crashed, because combat veterans sought
    treatment to deal with the shakes after returning home and because
    married couples got into screaming matches with one another (and are
    now disarmed as a result of the Lautenberg gun ban that you voted for
    in 1996).

    This should teach us that if you give an anti-gun bureaucrat an inch,
    he'll take a mile. (By the way, Gun Owners of America has
    documented, on its website, numerous instances of the abuses
    mentioned above, which have resulted in good people being denied
    their gun rights FOREVER.)

    Again, I hope that you will reconsider your support for the
    Schumer-McCarthy legislation and renounce everything it stands for.
    Please tell me that you will do so.

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