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URGENT - Proposed bill in Tennessee would allow only specially marked ammo

Discussion in 'Volunteer Glockers' started by TWS G26, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. TWS G26

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    Dec 29, 2000
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    Middle Tennessee
    I had not heard of this until yesterday, when I received an email alert from the Tennessee Firearms Assocation. Essentially, it is calling for only specially marked ammo with serial numbers to be sold in Tennessee beginning January 2009. By January 2011, all private and dealer inventories of ammo must be destroyed. Surely this won't pass, but please contact your senators and representatives. Just like the old days of not having a lottery, we'll all be piling in the car and driving to Kentucky for ammo.

    We must question why law-abiding citizens are being penalized due to the inabilities of our legal justice system. This exercise would be similar to placing serial numbers on alcoholic beverage containers, that if tossed as litter, could be traced to a DUI suspect.

    Text below:

    SB3395 01197072

    HOUSE BILL 3245
    By Miller L

    SENATE BILL 3395
    By Tate

    AN ACT to amend Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 39, Chapter 17, Part 13, to enact the “Ammunition Accountability Act”.

    SECTION 1. This act shall be known and may be cited as the “Ammunition
    Accountability Act”.

    SECTION 2. The general assembly finds the following:

    (1) Each year in the United States, more than thirty percent (30%) of all
    homicides that involve a gun go unsolved;

    (2) Handgun ammunition accounts for eighty percent (80%) of all ammunition
    sold in the United States;

    (3) Current technology for matching a bullet used in a crime to the gun that fired it has worked moderately well for years, but presupposes that the weapon was recovered by law enforcement; and

    (4) Bullet coding is a new and effective way for law enforcement to quickly
    identify persons of interest in gun crime investigations.

    SECTION 3.
    For purposes of this act, "coded ammunition" means a bullet carrying a unique
    identifier that has been applied by etching onto the base of the bullet projectile.

    SECTION 4.
    (a) All handgun and assault weapon ammunition manufactured or sold in the
    state after January 1, 2009, shall be coded by the manufacturer.

    (b) No later than January 1, 2011, all non-coded ammunition for the calibers
    listed in this act, whether owned by private citizens or retail outlets, shall be disposed.

    - 2 - 01197072

    SECTION 5.
    (a) The Tennessee bureau of investigation (TBI) shall be responsible for
    establishing and maintaining an ammunition coding system database (ACSD) containing the following information:

    (1) A manufacturer registry. Manufacturers shall:
    (A) Register with the TBI in a manner prescribed by the
    department through rules and regulations; and
    (B) Maintain records on the business premises for a period of
    seven (7) years concerning all sales, loans and transfers of ammunition,
    to, from, or within the state; and

    (2) A vendor registry. Vendors shall:
    (A) Register with the TBI in a manner prescribed by the
    department through rules and regulations;
    (B) Record the following information in a format prescribed by the
    (i) The date of the transaction;
    (ii) The name of the transferee;
    (iii) The purchaser's driver license number or other
    government issued identification card number;
    (iv) The date of birth of the purchaser;
    (v) The unique identifier of all handgun ammunition or
    bullets transferred; and
    (vi) All other information prescribed by the TBI; and

    (C) Maintain records on the business premises for a period of
    three (3) years from the date of the recorded purchase.

    - 3 - 01197072

    (b) To the greatest extent possible or practical, the ACSD shall be built within the framework of existing firearms databases. The ACSD shall be operational no later than January 1, 2009.
    (c) Privacy of individuals shall be of the utmost importance. Access to
    information in the ACSD is reserved for key law enforcement personnel and shall only be released in connection with a criminal investigation.

    SECTION 6.
    (a) Any vendor that knowingly fails to comply with, or falsifies the records
    required to be kept by this act commits a Class A misdemeanor.
    (b) Any manufacturer that knowingly fails to comply with this act commits a
    Class A misdemeanor punishable by fine only not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000) for a first violation and punishable by fine only not to exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000) for second and subsequent violations.
    (c) Any person who knowingly destroys, obliterates, or otherwise renders
    unreadable, the serialization required pursuant to this act, on any bullet or assembled ammunition commits a Class A misdemeanor.

    SECTION 7.
    (a) The cost of establishing and maintaining the ACSD shall be funded by an
    end-user fee. Vendors shall charge an additional one half cent ($.005) per bullet or round of ammunition to the purchaser.
    (b) There is established the coded ammunition fund for deposit of the end-user fees described in this section. Moneys in the fund, upon appropriation, shall be available to the TBI for infrastructure, implementation, operational, enforcement, and future development costs of this act.

    - 4 - 01197072

    SECTION 8. This act shall take effect upon becoming a law, the public welfare requiring it.
  2. Akita

    Akita gone

    Jul 22, 2002
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    Let me guess: This comes from Memphis congresscritters.

  3. klmmicro


    May 5, 2003
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    South End of the Left Coast
    This is almost the same bill they passed in Mass and try to get through every session here in Cal. Fight it! They know they have lost the fight to outright ban our guns, so they go after the next best thing...ammo. They are afraid we might use it to defend our rights one day I think.
  4. the fool

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    Jan 7, 2007
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    in MS
    they are trying to pass that same law here in MS.

    They cant take our guns away but they can make the ammo so expensive
    that we cant afford to shoot our guns.