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    Sep 10, 2007
    I get request from time to time from customers asking us to make a video of a piece of construction machinery that I have for sale and then send it to them by E-mail. My digital camera has good enough video capability to do this. So I put in a 2 GB memory card and take a short video of the machine moving back and forth etc.

    The problem is uploading. It takes way too long. Impossible to E-mail as an attachment. So then I try taking a number of shorter videos and upload them on to Photobucket so I can just send the link to the customer. It still takes way too long to upload. Example: 8 sec video (15MB) took 9 min.

    I'm running a fairly fast computer with a HS DSL connection (according to Frontiernet).

    Is there any faster way to do this? How do people upload these long youtube videos? My computer would be grinding away for weeks!