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    Sep 23, 2005
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    Last winter I was down and out for two months with a back injury, multiple hospitalizations and procedures. I wasn't able to walk and was on morphine for two months.

    Before that time, I was regularly engaging in martial arts and my dance level was very high - 10 nights in Paris in September for Argentine tango. So, you can imagine that being down was devastating.

    Instead of going back to the same old routine or relying upon a physical therapist from Kaiser, I sought out a dancer who could teach isolations. Isolations are moving specific parts of the body. I am now back to normal.

    The reason that I am posting this is because of a misconception most people have about injuries and recovery. Heavy weight lifting, running, and working out at the gym are not always appropriate vehicles for injury recovery. Too many guys, like my brother, drop a 50 pound weight on a foot, don't go slowly on the exercises and get full control of the body movements before starting in again with the heavy workouts.

    You also have to get a good understanding of the limitations that injuries present. I am back to martial arts. However, I am doing privates because I cannot take being thrown or being hit for the foreseeable future. Going from about 50 throws a night down to zero minimizes the chances of going back to the hospital. Ditto to not getting hit anymore.