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UPDATE PAGE 6. Broke a trigger spring this morning so thinking about this...

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Hello lads and lasses,
So this morning during my range session I broke the only weak part I’ve ever found on a Glock, the trigger reset spring.
This is admittedly only the 3rd one I’ve had break in almost 17 years with the G19’s but it is also the ONLY part I’ve broken in almost 17 years with the G19’s. It is however the first one I’ve had break in probably 10 years so I wasn’t real worried anymore till now.
I’ve had these parts for years and I think it’s time to find out if it’s all I’ve ever read about ( good and bad).
My thoughts on this are if this takes just one fraction of a chance away from a real inconvenient breakage smart money says do it. Anyway it’s a good day for a detail strip and clean so I’ll use this as a great excuse for a second range trip today.
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If you like the NY trigger use it. I don't like them.

I've had one trigger spring break on a Gen1 G17 with about 17K on it. I took it to Glock an they replaced everything. I did buy a new barrel.
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