Unstoked about Herter's ammo too.

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by LilWolfess, Mar 1, 2010.

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    Feb 5, 2010
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    Hit up the local Cabelas and to my shock and awe, found some cheap .380 ammo there by the name of Herter's (Gosh I hope I'm spelling that right).

    The bulk price had it at 149.99 for 500 Rounds (15 bucks a box compared to 19 bucks a box non bulk price for WWB and Remington green box).

    Feeling pretty stoked, and slightly curious, I had a looksee inside one of the non bulk boxes to see what this new stuff was all about. I don't mind purchasing steel cased stuff since I don't have the funds or means to reload/start reloading.

    I picked out one cartridge and eyeballed it over a couple times. Something looked kinda odd. Upon re-eyballing, I became very hesitant about the future purchase. Figuring it might be a fluke, I pulled out a few more rounds and looked them over too (this caused Cabela's associate number 2 or 3 to get fairly antsy about my handling things, but I gave him a "stop hovering, I'm not a theif and would be glad to prove it" stare). After checking one or two more boxes, I deemed it not purchaseable.

    I hope I never have to buy this stuff:

    1 - Every last bullet was seated crookedly enough that I could see it.
    2 - Rolling it along the shelf only further served to prove this.
    3 - Because the bullet was seated so crookedly, it left a ridge that extends at least halfway around the casing from the bottom of the bullet.

    I really doubt this stuff would feed/extract reliably with how much that ridge stuck out, and how crooked the bullet is. I will not straight out diss this company yet, as I haven't put any through my gun, but I would highly recommend that anyone looking to purchase this stuff at least give it a look over before you buy.

    Think I'll stick to Blazer myself.
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    Oct 17, 2008
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    Someone dug up an old american mail order name for stuff made in Russia.

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    What mteagle1 said is correct.

    Herter's was a mail-order store back in the 50's and 60's. The company went belly up in the 70's after trying to jump from mail-order to retail store fronts. Seems Cabelas has picked up distributing rights to this Russian "Herters" ammo.

    I have shot the Herters 7.62x39 ammo and it is good for plinking.

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