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Unreliable Glock?

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So, I’m a Glock guy. I really like the two I have, but I have a question. Actually, it’s been asked before but lots of models have been introduced.

In choosing an every day carry, my first criterion is that it will shoot and cycle every. Time. I. Pull. The. Trigger. No jams. No misfeeds. No stovepipes. No light primer hits. Just bang and cycle another live round into battery. After that, I have to be able to shoot it- it has to be accurate enough and I have to be able to be accurate enough with it. For me the G43 (for sub compact) and G30s (for compact) do just that.

1) my son doesn’t like my G43,
2) wants a .45,
3) I don’t want him to get an XDs,
4) wants sub compact or as close as he can get,
5) and he doesn’t like the S&W.

But he’s heard that the G36 is the least ‘reliable’ of the Glocks. Any truth to this? Suggestions?

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I have never owned or fired a G-36. When they first came out I looked at them, but never bought one.
I heard that they had some problems at first, but they have been corrected. So a new one should be fine.
Talk to him about the G-30 series, and check them out.
I plan to get a G-30S for my next Glock, same size as a g-23, well almost very small diff.
I personally carry a G-23, I like the round, and can carry more.
I carried a 1911, for 15 years as a LEO, I like the G-23 better, it can carry more rounds, and has proved to be a good round.
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