University Courses For Women

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    Etiquette and Behavior:
    EB101: PMS (Preposterous Mood Swings) -Learning To Sleep Over At Mother's
    EB102: We Do Not Want Ties For Christmas
    (Just Wear The Sexy Lingerie I Gave You)
    EB103: How Not To Sob Like A Sponge When Your Husband Is Right
    EB104: Why It Is Unacceptable To Talk About Feminine Hygiene In Mixed Company
    EB105: If You Want To Know How That Looks On You, Ask Your Mother
    EB106: How To Act Younger Than Your Mother
    EB107: Apologizing For Farting When You're On The Toilet Is Not Necessary

    General Electives:
    GE101: You, The Whining Sex
    GE102: Why You Don't Need To Invite Your Mother Over Every Weekend
    GE103: Payday And Shopping Are Not Synonymous
    GE104: Female Friendship - Why Your Best Friends Are Not The Women Who Complain About You The Most
    GE105: Learning To Appreciate Beer Belly And Lard Butt Morphologies Of Men

    Home Economics:
    HE101: You Can Change The Oil Too
    HE102: How To Properly Fill A Beer Mug
    HE103: How To Do All Your Laundry In One Load And Have More Time To Watch Football
    HE104: How To Encourage Your Husband To Cook More And Be Able To Stomach His Slop
    HE105: Get A Life - Learn To Kill Spiders Yourself
    HE106: How To Close The Garage Door
    HE107: How To Close The Top On The Toothpaste
    HE108: How to Drive a Nail Without Breaking One
    HE109: Why Going To The Bathroom Is Not A Group Activity
    HE110: Overcoming "The Imelda Syndrome" (formerly called "How Many Feet Do You Have, Anyway?")

    Interpersonal Relationships:
    IR101: Understanding The Female Causes Of Male Drunkenness
    IR102: If You Don't Want An Excuse, Don't Demand An Explanation
    IR103: Romanticism - The Whole Point Of Caviar, Candles, And Conversation
    IR104: Why Men Enjoy Grocery Shopping About As Much As Women Enjoy Watching "The Three Stooges"
    IR105: Marriage - The Number One Cause Of Divorce

    Life Skills:
    LS101: Combatting The Impulse To Nag
    LS102: Parenting - Your Husband Gave You Children So You Could Have Someone Other Than Him To Boss Around
    LS103: Balancing A Checkbook - Even You Can Get It Right
    LS104: Comprehending Credit Card Spending Limits And Financial Responsibility
    LS105: Shopping - Doing It In Less Than 16 Hours
    LS106: How To Go Fishing With Your Mate And Not Catch Pneumonia
    LS107: Living Without Power Windows - How To Turn A Crank
    LS108: How To Retain Your Composure While Your Husband Is Relaxing By Himself
    LS109: You Too Can Carry A Backpack
    LS110: Dress Like A Slut And Put On Something Sexy - Why It Won't Ruin Your Brain
    LS111: Attainable Goal - Catching A Ball Before It Stops Moving
    LS112: How To Remain Femininely Enticing And Attractive After Menopause
    LS113: How To Parallel Park

    Sex Education:

    SE101: How To Stay Awake During Sex And Imagine That It Lasted For Over 10 Minutes
    SE102: Fall Semester: You Can Use A Bed For More Than Just Sleep Spring Semester: It's Okay To Do It Outside Of The Bedroom
    SE103: How To Say "Yes" More Often
    SE104: How To Say "No" But Really Mean "Yes"
    SE105: Lingerie - The Gift That Keeps On Giving
    SE106: Foreplay (not a required course, for extra credit only)