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Underbelts/ccw belt

  1. I am looking for a belt to use under my gunbelt but can be used as a ccw type belt. I am looking for the buckle to no interfere with the gunbelt if possible.
  2. Beltman, as good as it gets, pretty much custom made;


    That's their buckle-less belt; I have been wearing one of their regular belts every day for years ( as my off-duty every day belt) and it is probably the best belt I have ever had; A REAL gun belt (not just some stiff leather belt or a .511 "tactical : belt or some other foolishness) costs, but the difference is night and day.
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    My concern with those would be a gun grab and making sure it doesn't easily tear the belt away, I take it you have this particular one and the velcro doesn't come apart that easily?
  4. I wear a Beltman metal lined belt, but with a conventional buckle. Not inexpensive, but they are worth it. Their leather is not the thin flexible stuff you see today.
  5. I second Beltman. I have had two of his belts for about 15 years now and still going strong.

    I don’t know that I would consider wearing any good concealed carry belt as an inner belt. I hate the Velcro buckless inner belts because they don’t last long. But I don’t want a thick leather belt with a big buckle underneath my duty belt either. Too thick of a belt underneath your duty belt and your keepers will not snap up.

    I wear a Safariland Garrison belt as an inner belt. It’s thin and flexible enough not to cause hot spots around my waist, but it holds my duty belt secure. Not really a good carry belt for anything more than a baby Glock or a snubby revolver. It’s enough to hold up your duty gun in a paddle holster for the ride home but I wouldn’t use it as my all day off duty concealed carry belt.