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Unarmed Self Defense - Level 1

Discussion in 'T&T Commercial Postings' started by Brian@ITC, Aug 13, 2011.

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    Innovative Tactical Concepts will be conducting a one day basic unarmed self defense course for those individuals who are serious about defending themselves when unarmed. Most people cannot carry a gun legally everywhere they go. Therefore, it is important that you know how to defend yourself unarmed because odds are you may very well find yourself without a firearm when you are confronted by one or more assailants.

    Fights almost never take place how most people think they do. That is, a fight is never fair and you will probably find yourself reacting to the situation very quickly as opposed to being able to think things through. Unlike most martial arts systems which rely on speed, power, and stamina, we will teach you how to defend yourself using natural body dynamics using the least amount of effort possible with maximum results. As we get older our bodies do not move the same, and quite honestly some of us get out of shape. So, what are our options for defending ourselves? Well, that is exactly what this course is about. Participants are not required to be “physically fit” although it is an advantage.

    Most self defense systems are not effective at punching or kicking. If you can put protective equipment on and someone can take your punch, then you are not hitting them hard enough!!! Learn how to punch and kick effectively. Understand that speed does NOT equal realism or combat effectiveness! In fact, it means just the opposite!!! Don’t think so… Well, think about this, why can’t you train shooting live rounds at someone? Because someone might get hurt…right? Okay, so, if something is combat effective then you can’t train full speed with it even with protective equipment on because it would still be too dangerous!

    This is a no-nonsense approach to learning how to defend yourself. You will not find a no bs approach to training anywhere but Innovative Tactical Concepts.

    Course Date: October 1st, 2011
    Course length: 8 hrs
    Course fee: $80
    Number of students: 20 (30 including instructors)

    ATTENTION INSTRUCTORS: The first 10 instructors to sign up will be FREE!!! You must provide proof that you are an instructor. Innovative Tactical Concepts wants instructors to experience the truths about fights and what really can and cannot be done. Our goal is to help you to become better instructors and teach realistic and practical things even if we don’t make any money from it!