have a bunch of pics and vids on the phone so shoot me a TEXT anytime! Thanks! Eric 412.400.6900* Will trade it all for a modern Rolex or decent car perhaps. If you are not a buyer but think its an awesome package PLEASE share with your friends! if you find someone to buy it off me ill send you a really nice bottle of whiskey or box of cigars or something as a thank you!

Are you or a friend looking to get a genuine, certified bad ***, keep for life, 3-gun DO IT ALL, WW3/disaster/russia take over/tactical turn key setup with lots of ammo? All the hard work of testing and setup has been done all you have to do is write a check or swipe your credit card and then grin like an idiot!. Located in Fort Lauderdale Florida and happy to pick you up at airport if you want to fly in and see them in person. This is a moving sale and these are my "guns id have till i died". I used to be a shop and these were put together with pre-corona prices cost to me at 11,800 dealer cost total. These are the best 2 rifles and best most reliable handgun I have ever owned for any amount of money they and all the ammo and both suppressors can be yours for an even 10k deal in person. All shipping and transfer/legal fees on you. I am NO LONGER A DEALER since I moved so will have to ship thru a shop or you can drive down and pick up everything in person same time with cash in hand except the suppressors which will have to be shipped/paper work thru a shop. Can't go wrong putting up some rapidly depreciating american $ for rapidly appreciating firearms that can put food on your table and safe your life.. Your wife can't ***** about this investment! These are also safe queens with zero scratches or abuse, put together for end of days events, tested (approx 200rds thru the 308, 300rds thru AR, and 7-800 thru the G19XC) flawless function and performance id bet my and my families life on. Only selling because im moving over seas later this year and cannot take these bad boys with me.

The bolt action is a carbon fiber barrel christensen arms MPR in 16in (only 120fps slower than my 24inch version!!) 1:10 twist in the Lords caliber....308. Can't get a better tac sniper for urban to 900yard setup than this. Includes all the ammo, range finder & data plus efficient muzzle brake and other odds and ends. Does 10rd 3inch 500yard groups with box ammo non the less..... also includes some "quieter than a paintball gun" subsonics incase you need to do something hollywood movie quiet. With regular supersonic ammo it is VERY pleasant to shoot with no ears. AAC 762SD suppressor with QD brake, Nightforce FFP 4-14x50 SHV, ken ferrell rings, 20moa base, morse bipod with tilt control lever and billet bipod spikes, mutiple qd attach, awesome bits, the case, ~20boxes of the good stuff, 20boxes of pmc 147s, 15 boxes of cheap ammo, 2 boxes of 220gr softpoint subsonics, efficient muzzle brake not pictured, sig range finder. cleaning/lube supplies etc!...

The AR setup is a carbon fiber barrel christensen arms CA15 16in in 5.56/223, has a custom lightweight BCG with balanced light weight buffer & spring, adjustable gas system allows it to just spit ammo with virtually zero recoil. Want to quad-tap someone in the face with zero muzzle climb? this is it! Has US Optics 1-6x24 in an ultralite aero precision mount, silencerco octane suppressor, ti castle nut with qd end plate,, multiple qd mounts, BAD selector, seekins bolt catch, ergo swift grip, morse bipod with tilt control lever and billet spikes with qd mount and some other odds and ends. Want to hunt/kick in doors/go to war with rifle this is it! comes with everything shown plus some cleaning kit/lube/etc stuff. 9x 30rd mags with 75gr hollowpoints and addition 4boxes of ammo not pictured.

The pistol is a Glock g19X which is basically a FDE color hybrid of the g19 upper with a g17 grip but with tritium night sights, a much better trigger and this is custom ported which dramatically reduces recoil and muzzle climb. you have not shot a flatter shooting handgun unless you have a custom built race gun. excellent ccw or open carry piston with 20 freedom seeds at your disposal. The short grip mag is 17rd, rest are 19rd. Comes with box cleaning/lube other random bits and the nice flashlight and spare batteries.