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Uh oh... lockback issues.

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by samsong, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. samsong

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    May 14, 2006
    Frederick, CO
    Hey team.

    Having lockback issues on last round - here's the quick story on the pistol:

    • 3rd Gen G19
    • Maybe 2500 down the pipe
    • Gun not fired for 8-9 months
    • Carry gun, kept pretty clean
    • No other feed/fire/eject issues
    • Happens with handloads (90 grain) AND with 147 grain factory FMJs (this is the most puzzling part)
    • This gun has never really locked on last round 100% since I bought it, but the failures were like 1: 200 rounds so it never impressed me as "IMPORTANT FUNCTION PROBLEM!!" or anything
    • This problem has suddenly appeared at this level of severity
    • Yes, I have one new mag, and it does it on that mag too
    • All three mags have been loaded this last 6 months
    • It was wicked hot today at the range (104°) and I was running the gun like a raped ape shooting steel. The pistol got nearly smoking.

    So do I have three worn mag springs? I'm not limpwristing, my handloads are indeed on the slow side of average (and BOY, are they accurate and nice shooting). Maybe I have a worn slide lock?

    Any time I've had problems with lockbacks (ALWAYS cheap guns, never quality stuff), it was because the slidelock on a gun was wearing, and this was an easy replacement. Any youse guys ever have a part go south on you on a Glock?
  2. JR

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    Dec 29, 1998
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    Most the time the mag spring is the culprit. The mag spring lifts the follower upward, the tab on the follower lifts the slide stop up to engage the notch in your slide.
    Verify the mag spring is in good condition by removing the slide and inserting an empty magazine into the frame. You will see the follower tab lift the slide stop into place. If the follower is not performing as expected replace it.
    If this stuff checks out... You might want to pull the slide to the rear and verify the recoil spring is not short stroking you. Pull the slide all the way back and confirm the slide stop has ample opportunity to move upward.
    If all this checks out I would take a serious look at the depth of the slide notch. It may need to be re-cut.