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UFC 74: RESPECT...Predictions?

  1. Okay, boys (and girls). The event's just outside of three weeks away, so time to get the wheels turnin' and come up with some predictions. Here's mine:

    1. Guida v. Aurelio: Guida
    2. Mir v. Hardonk: Mir
    3. Sobral v. Heath: Sobral
    4. Jensen v. Lutter: Lutter
    5. Cote v. Grove: Grove
    6. Pellegrino v. Stevenson: Stevenson
    7. Huerta v. Crane: Huerta
    8. St. Pierre v. Koshcheck: St. Pierre

    Oh, I almost forgot :supergrin: :

    9. Couture v. Gonzaga: Couture...by TKO

    What say you?
  2. 1. Guida v. Aurelio: Not sure, but it's gonna be a war. Guida has talent but Aurelio choked out Gomi.

    2. Mir v. Hardonk: PLEASE GOD, let it be Mir. He used to be my favorite fighter before his accident and he has returned as a mere shadow of his former self. He needs to get back on the winning track.

    3. Sobral v. Heath: Sobral, duh.

    4. Jensen v. Lutter: Lutter, who should be grateful he is even allowed back in the UFC after screwing up a title fight by not making weight.

    5. Cote v. Grove: Maybe it is cuz he dropped the hated Tito, but I am a fan of Cote. So, I am on the fence but am gonna say Cote.

    6. Pellegrino v. Stevenson: Pellegrino doesn't have a big name like Joe Daddy, but the boy is talented. I am going with Stevenson though, he has talent and it would screw up the LW title picture even more if he loses.

    7. Huerta v. Crane: Huerta, but I think he is overrated.

    8. St. Pierre v. Koshcheck: Dunno. I dislike Kos but I dislike GSP fans even more. Hhmmmm...gonna go with GSP because his fans shouldn't make me wish ill on him.

    9. Couture v. Gonzaga: Gonzaga by anything he wants. I like Couture, alot. He is on of my favorites. I really wish Couture could at least make this copmetitive, but Gonzaga is going to kill him. Gonzaga is exactly the type of fighter that knocked Couture down to LHW, a big strong, talented grappler who can GnP and sub. I seriously think that Gonzaga could be the one who will dethrone Fedor if he signs with the UFC. That is how much talent I see in him.
  3. Good to you know you and I still think alike...for the most part ;). Although, probably bad for everybody else :supergrin: .

    I didn't put my comments in the original post, but you summed up most of 'em with pretty much what I would've said.

    You're exactly right about Mir. That dude used to be a total bad ass, but after the wreck, seems like he just lacked the confidence he used to have. Definitely needs a win here and I would love to see it.

    Sobral needs a win, too. He looked totally owned by Chuck both times and I haven't see him do anything necessarily impressive after. He does have a lot of skill, but needs to bring it down a notch to get in-focus. Heath should be candy for him.

    To this day, I still don't know what the hell Lutter was thinking coming in overweight for his fight against Silva. He totally dissed him, the fans, and in my mind, had no respect for himself after winning T.U.F. 4 to get that title shot, then come to the weigh-in out of shape. UN *****in' cool :steamed:. Regardless, Lutter is a decent fighter, and even showed some skill during the Silva fight...until he got turned. That said, I hope he learned his lesson and understands what a "gift" Dana's given him to even be on this fight card.

    To be clear, I'm a Cote fan, too. I've said as much in a couple of other threads, and him droppin' Ortiz just made me like him that much more. That said, I still give the fight to Grove. Kendall's still raw, but he's come a looooong way. Cote's certainly more talented, but I think Grove's extreme reach advantage, as well as the 7" height advantage is going to prove too much for The Predator. I actually do hope I'm wrong.

    Rush and Koz? St. Pierre has tons of skills and will definitely out-strike him. Love him or hate him, though (and most people definitely hate the guy), you gotta' respect Koz's athleticism, his dedication, and his determination. He IS a *****, but he KNOWS he is, and doesn't make any apologies for it. There was another cat that came up like that years ago and look how popular and successful he is today. Josh isn't at nearly his (Tito's) level yet, but he definitely has the same mind set and focus on training and approach to his fights. I think in a year, maybe two on the outside, Koshcheck might even have the belt. Wait and see.

    Here's where we definitely don't see eye-to-eye. After what happened to Mirko, I will give you that ANYthing's possible. However...

    To think Gonzaga could dominate Couture is some big hype indeed. Don't get me wrong, Gonzaga is an extremely talented fighter, will continue to rack up LOTS of wins in the HW division (as there's only two or three guys there that could even do anything against him), but it was a fluke (of sorts) that Gonzaga beat Mirko. He beat him at his own game. Reason being? Mirko gave NO consideration to Gonzaga whatsoever. Flat out figured it's just another waltk-through, thought he was a no-name and didn't deserve to fight him...then got his ass handed to him. Granted, totally on him.

    Couture's not doing that. After seeing what happened to Mirko, I'm absolutely certain he wouldn't make the same mistake. Gonzaga IS dangerous. Gonzaga DOES have a serious skill set. But, even at 44 years old, Couture is far from done. Still want to see a match up with him and Cro Cop. Think that'd be a battle. Like I said, it might go down exactly like you say, and if it does, you can say "I told ya' so :tongueout: !"

    But Gonzaga dethroning Fedor :upeyes:? C'mon, bra'. If that happens, I'll eat my favorite TapouT shirt :shocked: !!
  4. Who are Couture's losses against? Four by submission when he was still green and then back to back against big strong GnP grapplers in Ricco and Barnett. Gonzaga is exactly that and a more accomplished grappler than either. Randy has said himself that he really wouldn't fight Gonzaga if he could have CroCop instead.

    Gonzaga beating Mirko was no fluke. Randleman KOing Mirko was a fluke. Nino Schembri KOing Sakuraba was a fluke. Gonzaga catching a body kick, elbowing Mirko's face into oblivion and then blasting him with a head kick wasn't a fluke, it was domination. Yeah, Randy is the underdog again and although he proved me wrong with Sylvia (how was I supposed to know he injured his back?), I cannot see him winning this fight in any fashion unless Gonzaga manages to injure himself.

    Finallly, Fedor is human. He got into trouble against Fujita, Randleman and Hunt. Admittedly, he showed great poise escaping those bad positions, but if Gonzaga got him into that kind of trouble, don't expect Fedor to have as easy a time escaping. Not saying that Gonzaga will definitely beat him, but I think him and Barnett are the two best options with Gonzaga having the edge.
  5. If Gonzaga hadn't have hit a stoke of luck against Cro Cop, everyone would still be going Gonzuh-who?

    Couture by sheer old man ownage :thumbsup: :supergrin:
  6. What part of taking your opponent down and elbowing his brains into scrambled eggs is luck? Matt Hughes must be the luckiest guy alive.
  7. How many other times has Cro Cop been pounded like that aside from Kevin Randleman?
  8. That is my point. How many times has CC been pounded like that? None. But Gonzaga made CC look like a KOTC reject. That isn't luck, it is skill.
  9. It's almost upon us, anyone wanna change their predictions?
  10. 1. Guida v. Aurelio: Guida
    2. Mir v. Hardonk: Mir
    3. Sobral v. Heath: Sobral by KO
    4. Jensen v. Lutter: Lutter
    5. Cote v. Grove: Grove
    6. Pellegrino v. Stevenson: Stevenson by sub
    7. Huerta v. Crane: Huerta
    8. St. Pierre v. Koshcheck: St. Pierre by KO
    9. Couture v. Gonzaga: Couture by old man strength
  11. Nope.

  12. Gonzaga was owning Mirko on the ground. Stroke of luck? Not so sure. Will I bet against Randy? Never. I don't think I've ever admired a professional athlete as much as I do Randy.
    I'm rootin for Couture!
  13. Oh..and I kinda like Kos...but I think St. Pierre is going to put a hurting on him.
  14. Couture by TKO..

    GSP by KO in Round one.... I cannot stand Koschek...
  15. Thales Leitas is replacing Travis Lutter on the card due to Lutter injuring himself. Leitas should still be able to pick up the win but he is coming in on less than three weeks notice, so this may be more competitve than it really should be.

    I am sorry that all the Couture fans are going to be so disappointed, but Gonzaga is gonna destroy Couture. I actually kinda hope Couture proves me wrong like he did against Sylvia but I doubt it.

  16. You'd have to be correct in your prediction before an apology is owed. But it's ok. Other people are caught up on someone's band wagon as well. :thumbsup: :wavey:

  17. .
  18. Well, I should say I like Kos cause he ended Diego's undefeated streak..not that it was an impressive win, but I'm not much of a Diego fan so I was happy to see Kos get the win.

    Bodog has Gonzaga as a slight favor over Randy...its going to be an interesting fight.
  19. Go GSP!
  20. Couture by TKO. Gonzaga, crazy bastard that he is, is going to come out revving hard, but he'll make a mistake somewhere and Couture will spank him for it.

    Koscheck in the other fight. No idea on the rest.:thumbsup:
  21. I don't see Couture beating Gonzaga. I wish he would, but I don't see it.

    Kosh will get KO'd

    Sobral over Heath.

    Don't know enough about the others to comment.
  22. Couture will win.

  23. Now you can start apologizing for doubting the world's most BAMF senior citizen. :)
  24. Good job GSP.:)
  25. Way to go Randy! Lets hear it for the 40 and over crowd!:) :) :)
  26. + 1 Randy is the baddest ass and most classy fighter ever.
  27. every fighter i wanted to win did such...

    could it be the perfect ufc?

  28. I have never been so happy to be so wrong. I doubted and doubted and doubted and Couture made me eat crow. Good going to the Natural.

    Also, WTH was with Gonzaga, that was a piss-poor performance. He didn't even TRY for a take down, all he wanted was another highlight reel KO by head kick. He deserved to lose and he did, to one of, if not THE, best of all time.

    Randy Couture = the MAN!!!
  29. Pretty happy to see Cote win as well. I wasn't sure he could pull it off....glad he did. Grove needed to be humbled and was.
  30. You've impressed me. That's the way to man up. :thumbsup:

    If it's any consolation, I was trying to figure out what to say if Randy got KTFO'd. :)
  31. I wasn't saying I was Couture fan just to make it easier to bash him, I really am. I was pretty happy no matter who won. Gonzaga winning would have been the brash new unstoppable up and comer, and Couture winning WAS the fairytale that just does not end.

    Randy Couture: 6 Father Time: 2 (His fights with Liddell).
  32. I will never bet against him..