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UFC 62: Liddell vs. Sobral Results

Discussion in 'The Martial Arts Forum' started by gr81disp, Aug 27, 2006.

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    Favored fighter v. Underdog - Winner Round Method

    Methods: Sub-submission, TKO-Referee stoppage, KO-Knockout, Doc-Doctor stoppage, UD-Unanimous Decision, SD-split decision, MD-majority decision

    Results and comments where necessary:

    Non-Televised bouts:

    Yushin Okami v. Alan Belcher - Okami RD3 UD

    Cory Walmsley v. David Heath - Heath RD1 Sub

    Televised bouts:

    Wilson Gouveia v. Wes "The Soldier" Combs - Gouveia RD1 Sub
    Combs showed some heart, but Gouveia simply outclassed the former Marine.

    Rob "Maximus" McDonald v. Eric "Ravishing Red" Schafer - Schafer RD1 Sub
    McDonald definitely had the strength advantage, but the Jiu-Jitsu is strong in this one. Schafer got on his back like McDonald put a backpack on, went for the Rear naked choke, and did a BEAUTIFUL transition into an arm triangle (Kata gatame for you judo guys)when McDonald tried to roll out of it. McDonald obviously didn't know that you cannot stay awake with no blood going to your brain, because 7 seconds later, Herb Dean stopped it when McDonald's face was purple and he was OUT!

    Hermes Franca v. Jamie Varner - Franca RD3 Sub
    Varner definitely showed he was for real, lasting 2.5 rounds with one of the best in the game. Franca took the fight on short notice and it showed. Varner would have won the fight, winning rounds one and two, but Franca came out in the third like a man possessed. Franca landed two BIG knees and almost had Varner out, but Varner ran away and McCarthy stopped the fight to deduct a point from Varner, saving him from a possible KO. Franca didn't care, he just armbarred him a few minutes later. After the fight, Franca said that it was his birthday and he couldn't think of a better present.

    Cheick Kongo v. Christian Wellisch - Kongo RD1 KO
    Kongo landed a VICIOUS knee to finish the fight. At 6'4" and 240 lbs. of muscle, and incredible standup skills, Kongo looks like the next contender for Sylvia's UFC Heavyweight belt.

    Nick "El Diablo" Diaz v. Josh "The Dentist" Neer - Diaz RD3 Sub
    Diaz took this fight on four days notice and absolutely picked Neer apart with his striking. When the fight hit the ground for the first time in the third round, the Renzo Gracie brown belt made short work of The Dentist, finishing him with a kimura. I think he may have torn his rotator cuff he twisted so much. This is the Diaz everybody was raving about two years ago, welcome back.

    Co-Main Event

    Forrest Griffin (12-3-0)


    Stephan "The American Psycho" Bonnar (12-3-0)

    Both were coming off of losses. Both knew it was do or die. And while it wasn't a copy of their first fight, it was still damn good. Griffin had obviously polished his boxing skills and controlled the majority of the fight, but Bonnar made a comeback in the second round. Griffin would not let it happen and took the win in yet another war. Griffin goes to 13-3 while Bonnar drops to 12-4. Bonnar suggested that they do best out of five.

    Griffin RD3 UD (30-27 X3)

    Main Event


    Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell (18-3-0)


    Renato "Babalu" Sobral (27-5-0)

    Sobral was on a seven fight winning streak when he ran into a Chuck Liddell kick to the head. Now, three years later, with a ten fight winning streak, Sobral looks for revenge and UFC gold. The Iceman had something to say about that and the rematch ended the same way the initial meeting did, with Sobral lying on the ground, his winning streak broken, and Liddell celebrating another knockout. The only three differences were that it was for a title, it was a punch this time, and instead of 2:55, it only took liddell 1:35 to end it. Sobral came out swinging and tried to chase Liddell down. As I watched, all I could think of was Vernon White trying the same and getting knocked out for his trouble. This ended the same. Sobral ate an overhand right on the way in and decide he didn't like that, so he tried to shoot in for a takedown, and ran directly into a Chuck Liddell uppercut, buckling his knees. Sobral tried valiantly to survive the ensuing enslaught, but after 10-15 seconds, John McCarthy was forced to step in to stop Liddell's pounding attack. Liddell goes to 19-3 while Babalu goes to 27-6.

    Liddell RD1 KO