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UDPL Matches

  1. You guys ever been to one of these at the FARM?
    I wondered if they were a cool event and how welcome beginners would be.
  2. Beginners are welcome, plan to show up early so that you can get safety instruction and learn the commands you'll hear throughout the day, and have time to BS with people too.

    They are a lot of fun. The 3-gun events here aren't as hardcore as other places. We tend to be more lax on the tactics, transitions, lower round count and other stuff.

    Attending the nigh match requires you have shot in a prior event. The night match can not be your first event.

    You don't need all the tacti-cool gear. Just bring a centerfire rifle, centerfire handgun, and a shotgun. I shot my first few events with a Browning A-500, 28" barrel. I've seen people shoot the Big 5 bargain SKS and use stripper clips without a problem, you don't need a high dollar AR to have fun.

    Don't come as a spectator. You'll be wishing you came to shoot within 5 minutes.
  3. Sounds like a lot of fun. I haven't gone yet because I don't have any friends that shoot, but I might have to just go anyway.
  4. Ah cat juggling. Is this a thowback to the old Steve Martin skits?
  5. You'll make friends there. PM me if you'd like to make arrangements to be on the same squad.

    May 26 is a carbine match. This match is 50/50 for my attendence.

    June 16 is a 3-gun match. I'll try my damnedest to be at this match.

  6. Yes.:animlol: