U.S Military designation for the Glock pistol (s)

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    Feb 14, 2013
    Hello all;
    At various times small units (and large ones) have used Glock pistols.
    CAG has used the Glock 22 and Glock 19. DEVGRU and individual East and West coast teams have used Glock 26's in plain clothes.
    Now the Marine Corps can "officially" carry the Glock 19, alternately.
    Does anyone know what the U.S Military designation is for Glock pistols? M-????? Or;.....
    A call to Glock some time ago revealed, exactly nothing.
    A very polite gentleman, said we do not divulge who uses our products and to check with DOD, if I "required" that information.
    We did train with a West coast team a bit ago, and most carried very well worn Sig's, some carried H&K's. A few carried Glocks.
    When asked the same question, the fella's said we call it.... A Glock.
    Just curious nothing more.
    Very respectfully