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U.S Military designation for the Glock pistol (s)

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Hello all;
At various times small units (and large ones) have used Glock pistols.
CAG has used the Glock 22 and Glock 19. DEVGRU and individual East and West coast teams have used Glock 26's in plain clothes.
Now the Marine Corps can "officially" carry the Glock 19, alternately.
Does anyone know what the U.S Military designation is for Glock pistols? M-????? Or;.....
A call to Glock some time ago revealed, exactly nothing.
A very polite gentleman, said we do not divulge who uses our products and to check with DOD, if I "required" that information.
We did train with a West coast team a bit ago, and most carried very well worn Sig's, some carried H&K's. A few carried Glocks.
When asked the same question, the fella's said we call it.... A Glock.
Just curious nothing more.
Very respectfully
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· dpast32
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Good Morning Folks, For what it's worth, here's the information I have relating to the U.S. Military [ U.S. Navy ] adopted Glock Pistol designations. They are as follows;

GLOCK G-19 - 9MM = MK-27 GEN. 4 / NSN 1005-01-658-7261

Note that the above Nomenclature is from 09-16-2016, according to the Document I have.

Each Pistol was provided with the following, & at the cost of $405.00 each unit;

'M.O.S.' System installed, Standard 5.5 Lb Trigger Spring, Threaded Barrel, 6x 15 Rd Magazines, along with the usual Magazine Loader, Cleaning Rod, Bore Brush, & Plastic Case.

I am sure that I have observed other, related Documents pertaining to U.S. Military purchases of similar Glocks, although of different Models, namely G26 / 9MM & G27 / .40 S&W along with orders for possibly other Models or Calibers, depending upon their needs at the time. [ I do have those Documents around here somewhere, & hopefully I could turn them up, if anyone's really interested ? ] I'm sure a few others here also have such Documentation, & hopefully they'll chip in ? In a 'nutshell', the method in which our Military managed to procure the Glocks, even though they had been previously denied them due to our already having an 'issue' 9mm Service Pistol was / is quite original. From what I've been advised, [ And if I'm wrong, please correct me ? ] was that SOCOM had to request a smaller, hence more concealable Handgun for use on missions requiring them to not appear armed.
That of course could pertain to many potential operations. After 'making the case' for exactly what the G19 is, & does [ Reliable, Accurate, High Capacity, More Concealable, etc. ] they submitted the requirement. Needless to say, they did fortunately end up with the requested Glock 19, along with a few others which I feel is a win for everyone. So, thankfully the Beretta M92FS / M9 Pistol had a large format, which in this particular case really worked in our favor ! OK, I'm done. Sorry for carrying on perhaps too much, too long, but I thought a few here might be interested in how our SOCOM ended up with their Glock 19's. THANKS

Best, Dom P.
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