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TylerDurden's Wednesday Night Music Thread...

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**** that Obama suckin' hippy.
El Duderino;11466858 said:
That was actually pretty cool. Never heard of them before.
That was actually pretty cool. Never heard of them before
Actually got wide GT play before the crackdowns.
El_Ron1;11466869 said:
**** that Obama suckin' hippy.
Sorry, I grew up listening to him. My dad had it all on viny... weird too, because my dad dropped out of pre med to enlist for Vietnam and is about as anti hippy as they come.
Me too, and he's done some great music. But he's a peace creep Canadian piece a ****. Music's like that... Don't need me sayin' it. Must be all the debatin' and campaign ads gettin to me. More T&A!
I've never really gotten over him getting on that Super Adventure Club jet...
Damn Black Moses, you still got it.
El Duderino;11466913 said:
You a Steely Dan / Donald Fagen fan?
1 - 20 of 39 Posts