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Tx: Fs Reduced: Orion Telescope, lens set, more!

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by ShipWreck, Aug 9, 2006.

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    Feb 6, 2005
    REDUCED! $780 - EVERYTHING you need to start (over $1100 worth of items.

    Like new Orion StarMax 127 telescope (w/ diag mirror it shipped with) + Entire set of Lens!




    REDUCED! $800 - EVERYTHING you need to start (over $1100 worth of items) - See additional photos below of everything.

    Like new Orion StarMax 127mm telescope (w/ diag mirror it shipped with).

    - Also included are the tripod and extra weight for the EQ3 Mount
    - 9 Plossl Lenses
    - A set of 4 colored filters (1.25") with their case
    - Portable Orion shoulder bag for scope
    - Flexible Orion dew shield
    - An official Orion hard case for the lenses and filters is also included.


    - The scope has a ScopeStuff focusing knob upgrade
    - Two Scopestuff quick release bolts are also included - Helps to take the scope off of the tripod easier.

    The included 1.25" Plossl lenses are:

    Celestron 6mm Plossl
    Sirius 7.5 mm Plossl
    Scopetronix 9mm Plossl
    Sirius 12.5 mm Plossl
    Scopetronix 15mm Plossl
    Scopetronix 20mm Plossl
    Sirius 25 mm Plossl
    Celestron 32mm Plossl
    Scopetronix 40mm Plossl

    This is every lens you need to use the scope!

    Scope comes with all dustcovers, and assorted tools that shipped with the scope.

    Moved recently to mosquito central (huge nearby field), and I just don't use it anymore. Located in College Station, TX - Willing to meet people living in the surrounding areas (Austin/Houston/San Antonio - I will drive part of the way or come all the way to Houston).

    I would rather not ship this because it will take me a long time to find suitable shipping boxes (especially for the tripod). Everything included is over $1100 worth of items. My asking price is $780 firm (just lowered).

    This is a very good package - Because of the design, this 5" scope is equivalent to a scope much longer, but is easier to move!