Two year old can still be trained?

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    Sep 18, 2004
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    Long story short I adopted a two year old malamute.
    I know his history he was spoiled and not made to behave by his first owner.
    When his first owner was forced to give him up for adoption some punk got him for a intimidation dog, (I.E meth lab gaurd dog) as
    he is 140lbs and about 6 foot standing on his hind legs.
    Anyway that POS owner didn't have him very long before he lost him to the courts.
    I adopted him and he is wonderfull but he has some issues that I hope to be able to train out of him.
    First he loves to smack things with his paws.
    He reaches up like he is going to shake and then WHAM you punches you!
    He seems to be trying to get you to play but as you can imagine from time to time this hurts quite abit.
    He is also very hyper and trys to PLAY all the time. I am 6'3 250lbs so we can play hard but he thinks he can pay like that with everyone.
    His basic commands coud use some work Sit,Down,Come,ETC.
    My quesiton is at two years old and on his third owner what steps do I need to take to train him?
    I love this dog and I belive that he can be trained but I to make sure that I do it properly.
    Thank you in advance for any and all advice.
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    Aug 19, 2004
    The BEST thing you could do is take him to an obedience class. He'll get the all important socialization with other people and dogs and they all can help you with his "problem." He is still a puppy, he will likely continue to act like one for another year before he slows down. Obedience training will go a long way toward this. This is our guy (Photos by Potter):

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    Mar 28, 2001
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    First and foremost, this situation will call for you to be strong and fearless with him.

    Unless he accepts you as the pack Alpha, he will not respect you, nor will he want to please you for any other reason than conniving treats from you.

    You will have to start by teaching him to Stay and Heel.

    Once he does these two things flawlessly, then you can train him to recognize other commands, such as OFF.

    'Off' is used instead of 'Down', and means simply to place all four paws firmly on the deck. It works on dogs who jump up, or who jump on furniture you'd rather they didn't jump on.

    'Down' is used solely for having him lay down, preparatory for 'Stay'.

    Never use Down and Off interchangably as you will merely confuse him and make him even less likely to obey or respect you in the future.

    After all, if YOU cannot remember the proper commands, what reason does your dog have to do so? ;)

    BTW, if he does not accept you as the pack leader, you could be mauled and badly injured if he contests your dominance, so be sure to use a top-quality leather muzzle on him for at least the first few months so he doesn't get any nasty ideas.

    You don't know if he was previously attack trained by one of your local drug-addled retards, so assume he was and take the proper precautions.

    The beauty of training him in this fashion is, not only are you far safer from attack, but most dogs LOVE having their muzzle removed; so if he is acting like a jerkoff during the training session, treat him with love, as usual, but leave his muzzle on for an hour or two after a bad session...and remove it promptly after a good session, and add to the reward with some tasty doggy treats.

    Trust me, he will make the connection in no time!

    Good luck,

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    Jul 27, 2002
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    BigDog....I think your avitar is great!
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    May 26, 2003
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    Yes to answer your question, yes any qualified trainer can help you out well beyond 2 years old. What you have here is a dog that was an alpha and allowed to do whatever it wanted and probably smacked around when it did something it wasnt supposed to. First step is NO ROUGH HOUSING AT ALL!!!
    The reason is: in dog language this is a game YOU CANNOT WIN.
    I agree with a lot of what fastfvr said except for the "attack training" ;Q
    When done properly it is called protection training and I don't know of a responsible trainer that would protection train a Malamute because they aren't stable enough as a general rule. However I do agree with the muzzle if you think there is even a small chance that he might try to take a nip at you. Let him wear the muzzle for 30 minutes prior to and 30 after a training session so he doesn't associate the muzzle with training time.
    Again seek professional help and if you need more specifics send me a pm.
    Good luck to you and your new member of the family;c