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Two way radios FS or trade

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by KYgundoc, Jan 30, 2006.

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    Nov 7, 2003
    Valley Station, KY
    All portable radios are as listed and without chargers. Chargers can be bought separately that way you have a choice as to what kind, standard, rapid, or mobile. Prices do not include shipping.
    Johnson Scorpion VHF 16 channel scan, bad battery but tested working a little worn lettering about 75%. $20.00

    Johnson 5852 VHF 16 channel scan, bad battery. Tested and only get squelch noise. 80%. $15.00

    Marconi DP240 UHF 16 channel scan, bad battery but tested working. Looks good 90% also looks like the Johnson Scorpion just green. $20.00

    GE MTL VHF 16 channel scan 157 split but programmed in the 151 range now.
    Radio is 75% and has a working battery. $50.00

    GE MPD select 48 channel VHF 146 – 162 MHz. Alphanumeric display and looks 85% with a working battery and new antenna. Sold

    GE MPD VG 48 channel scan 146 – 170 just got this back in on a local trade. I used this radio to test all my mobile chargers when I had it the first time around and it works great $70.00

    GE PLS VHF 16 channel 146 – 170 MHz. 5 each
    Radios are all programmed to talk to each other and have working batteries. $25.00 each

    GE PCS 8 channel 440 – 470 MHz
    Radio has a cracked case but still works. Bad battery

    GE TPX pair 800 MHz 2 channel and will do conventional as well as G-mark trunking. This pair talks on simplex and has new antennas and working batteries. $40.00 pair

    GE MPS UHF 12 channel portable radio. Working radio 450 - 470 range with working battery $35.00 I also found some 48 channel radios in like condition. $40.00 Public safety mics for mps with antenna $10.00 each

    GE MPI 2 two channel UHF programmable radio’s I have 8 working and a 7 working but need a few minor parts replaced. All powered up with the 2 poor but working batteries I have. Only have 4 antennas for these.
    I will sell as a lot for $50.00 Batteries online are around $30.00 new

    GE MPA Universal Standard single $15.00
    GE MPA Universal Rapid $20.00
    GE MPA Universal 6 position rack standard $50.00
    GE MPA standard $12.00
    GE MPA Mobile vehicular charger (convertacom) complete with all accessories $35.00 No accessories tested $20.00 untested $10.00
    I think I have about 200 of these and could only get 60 or so tested. I also have all the accessories for these.
    GE MPA chargers also work with MPD, MTL, and TPX radios.
    GE PCS universal standard single $15.00
    GE MPS rapid single $15.00
    MPS chargers also work with the MPR and MPX radios.
    GE MPI single charger $10.00
    Johnson rapid fits 5852 radio $10.00

    Mobile radios

    GE Mastr II 42 - 50 MHz drawers only $10.00 each

    GE VHF Ranger 100 watt 150 – 170 16 channel $50.00

    GE Belt clips $9.00 each used good condition
    GE Speakers late model square shape 19a14959op1 $5.00 each I have many
    GE rectangular speakers P/N 19c850550g-6 with brackets $5.00 each
    GE power cables for most mobile radio control heads like S550 $5.00 each
    GE Mobile Duplexer by Phelps Dodge GE number 19c307182p9
    UHF 459 tx and 454 rx $65.00
    GE MPA programming cable by scan shack $20.00

    GE Test set for use with MastrII and like radios up to Delta SX. No Cables just test set. $25.00

    GE Factory service manuals (No Copies)

    MPI portable LBI’ s LBI31168' LBI31174, LBI31102, X2 for the last item $10.00 for all 4

    MPR 138 - 174 LBI30771D
    MPR 138 - 174 LBI30770A
    MPR Vehicular charger LBI30781 x2 of this one
    MPR Standard 14 hour charger LBI30778B
    MPR Rapid 3 charger LBI30779A
    MPR Rapid 3 Multi charger LBI30833 All 7 manuals $20.00

    Phoenix S 450 - 470 LBI31188 $10.00
    See first post for shipping and payment notice.

    Mastr Controller series 539 and 549 LBI4478J $7.00

    Mastr Executive II 406 - 420 and 450 - 512 40 watt LBI30059A X2 $10.00 each

    Mastr Progress Line Desk mate station LBI3568E $10.00

    Century II VHF 10 and 25 watt 146 -174 LBI30935 X2
    Century II VHF 10 and 25 watt 146 -174 LBI30783
    Century II UHF 5 AND 20 WATT 420 - 512 LBI30936 All 4 $20.00

    MPA, MPD, MTL, and TPX mobile Vehicular charger unit 19B801507P1
    LBI-31864 $10.00

    Other Radio Related Items
    Kantronics KPC 3 Packet modem I was saving this for me to get on packet but forgot that I had this around. No books or manuals just the modem $40.00

    GE Century II VHF set up for packet modem with a DIN connector and power out for the modem. I was going to convert to the KPC3 DB connector but never did. 145.100 crystals installed and tuned, powers up but that is all the testing I have done $30.00 crystals are worth that.

    I found a quantity of GE Voice Guard Boxes for GE Mobile radios Part Number 19A148909P10
    Voice Guard 9600 boxes. These were used on the old KY state police system with Deltas, Rangers and yes Mastr II Mobiles. I have been told but do not know for sure that the boards will work in the station VG units. Anyway $20.00 each

    I have some used MVS Option cables. $10.00 each I have 2 that have a female 1/8" phone jack hooked to the external speaker output terminals. Easy external speakers for your MVS $15.00 each
    (You have to disable the internal speaker to use the external jack)

    1 new old stock Antenex 800 MHz MPA or MPD antenna $10.00
    1 new old stock 800Mhz GE folded dipole for the MPA or MRK $15.00

    1 new in package VHF antenna for the MPA, MPD, and MRK $12.00 each
    1 new in package Centurion VHF antenna for the MPS, MPX, MPR $10.00 each

    I have 2 new old stock GE Antenna kits Part number 19B209568P2 in the sealed package. These come with PL 259 connectors but I have TNC connectors for $8.00 each
    complete 1/4 wave 132 through 512 MHz antenna kit ready to set up and install $12.00

    Payment by US Postal MO or Paypal with 3.4% for fee