Two strings walk into a pub

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    Two strings walk into a pub and they both take a seat at the bar.
    "Hey, bar keep!" one string shouts to the bar keep.
    "Yeah" the bar keep replies.
    "My friend and I would like a beer."
    "Sorry, we don't serve strings at this pub!" Snapped the bar keep, and told the strings to leave.
    The two strings started out the door, when one of them stopped the other string.
    "What! I am not going to put up with this!" One string said to the other string.
    "But you heard him, they don't serve strings"
    "Wait a second, quick, tie me into a knot and mess my hair up."
    So, the other string tied the other string into a knot and messed his hair up. He walked back over to the bar and sat down.
    "Hey! Bar keep, get me a beer!" shouted the string.
    The bar keep walked over to the string, "Didn't I tell you, we don't serve string here!"
    The string replied, "Oh, I'm not a string, I'm a Frayed-knot!"