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Two great EDC knives.

  1. 20200215_170417.jpg Hey guys thought this would be fun. Took a pic of two knives from my collection that I feel are pretty good EDC choices. Everybody pick two and take a pic! *Steel Will* full size cutjack FRN scales and D2. Kershaw Blur aluminum scales in S30V. Any two you want to pick expensive or cheap as hell. Lol I suck at pictures, let's see yours!
  2. I own the slightly larger full-size F25-12 D2 Steel Will folder. Mine was a 2017 production knife sold via an online vendor in 2019 (according to the paperwork in the box). I had to clean up a burred spot on the edge, which ought not have been needed for a folder in this price range. Otherwise, it's been a fine example of the growing Chinese-made budget D2 folders.


    Pretty nice for the price point.

    Thinner than a couple of my Benchmade's, too.

  3. Nice looking pair of knives.
  4. Fastbolt, yeah everytime I pick up my Cutjack, I think about how thin it is.
  5. This thread sent me to the net to order up a Modus. Look forward to it showing up in a few days.
  6. 3F96ACCB-37C3-4D53-A219-A4E2A4EACFF1.jpeg Mini grip and Esee izula 2 carried in a Armatus IWB sheath. Great duo
  7. Very nice!
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Just got an Emerson designed/built by Kershaw with wave.From a GT member,it's a solid knife.CQC-6K is the model #.'08.
  10. Oh yeah I like those Kershaw/ Emerson models.
  11. Look what i got for a Valentine's gift guys! Benchmade Grizzly Ridge. Limited edition in blue. S30v. 20200219_084350.jpg
  12. 2C9FCFF0-80E6-410D-AF83-5A4C0E2FEA43.jpeg Arhhh. Just broke off the ******* tip of my PM2. That is my biggest gripe about this knife. I won’t be buying another until they release that tanto version from shot show 2020.
  13. I only carry one at a time but these are 4 that I rotate thru the most. The blue Bugout was my main edc for the last few months. I just got the Bailout so I've been carrying that for the last few days.