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Two Glock 42 Holsters for Sale

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Both holsters are SOLD!
Inside the waist band carry is not for me. I have the following two holsters for sale.

1)Blade Tech IWB klipt Ambi Holster. #BOO13OR93A. For Glock 42. Pistol has been inserted in holster and the holster has been tried on. Like new in it's original packaging. $31.00 shipped.

2) DeSantis Pocket-Tuk. # 111NAMKZO. Inside the waist band, or pocket carry for Kahr K9/40, p9/40,Kel-Tec PF-9, Sig 290, or Glock 42. I bought it for my Glock 42. New in original packaging, never even had firearm inserted in holster. Has Allen wrench to adjust tension. $16.00 shipped.

I accept Paypal and USPS money orders.