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    It just so happened that there were twin brothers, who, although identical in looks, were worlds apart in their romantic experiences.

    The first twin had more action than he could use, while the second twin was a stalwart virgin. As luck would have it, the demure twin finally did meet the girl of his dreams, and decided to get married.

    His experienced brother decided that he too should settle down, and joined his shy twin in a double wedding ceremony and honeymoon. As the two couples were preparing to retire to the honeymoon suites in their hotel, the experienced twin challenged his naive brother to a wedding night performance contest.

    The shy twin, knowing no better, took the challenge and off each couple went. Within a few minutes, the experienced twin was able to put a slash mark on the wall behind his bed. In about twenty minutes, he repeated himself, and added a second slash mark. From the depths of his soul, he garnered all his energy, and finally was able to add a third slash mark to the wall before falling off to sleep.

    Bright and early the next morning, the shy twin burst into his experinced brother's room and querried, "How did you do? How did you do?"

    The exhausted experienced twin woke up just long enough to point at the wall and collapsed back on to the bed.

    The shy twin,looking at the three slash marks on the wall exclaimed, "One hundred and eleven (111), you beat me by three!"