Twin Brothers

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    The Twin Brothers

    It seems that there were twin brothers by the name of Jones. Jim Jones was married. Joe Jones was single.

    The single brother was the proud owner of a dilapidated rowboat. It so happened that Jim Jones? wife died the same day that Joe Jones? rowboat filled with water and sank.

    A few days later, a kindly old lady met Joe on the street and mistaking him for Jim, she said, ?Oh, Mr. Jones, I was sorry to hear of you recent loss. You must feel terrible.?

    Then Joe spoke up saying, ?Well, I?m not a bit sorry. She was a rotten old thing from the start. Her bottom was all chewed up. She smelled of old fish and even the first time I got into her she made water faster than anything I ever saw.

    ?She had a bad crack in back and a bigger bad hole in the front that kept getting bigger and bigger every time I used it. I could handle it all right, but when anyone else used her, she leaked like the devil.

    ?But this is what finished her. . . Four guys from the other side of town, looking for a good time, asked me if I would rent her to them. Well, I warned them that she was not so hot, they said they would take the chance on her anyways.

    ?The result was that the crazy fools tried to get into her at the same time. It was too much for her and she cracked right up the middle. . . ?

    Before Joe could finish, the old woman had fainted.