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TV Series “Colditz”

  1. Broadcast on Grenada TV in the U.K. from 1072-1974.

    The first four episodes in Season 1 mostly introduced the main characters.

    My favorite characters are the Kommandant (Karl), Colonel Preston and Hauptmann Ulmann (Ex-Insurance Agent).

    A really good series worth watching. I watched it when it originally broadcast on PBS over 45 years ago.

    Still worth revisiting on YouTube.

    Binge watching the series. I am currently on Season 1, Episode 5.

    This is the point where the series really starts to take off.

    Watch it while you can, before YouTube gets woke enough to remove the entire series.

    I need to purchase the complete series before it is removed forever.
  2. Hauptmann Ulmann is one slick, but fair guy. You really need to watch this series.

    An excellent early 1970’s British TV series.
  3. I've been watching it for the last couple of days. Showing its age but still good.

    I'll have to see if Secret Army is on YouTube. That was another great series.