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turttle problems...

  1. ok so heres the deal, I have three fishing ponds but there overrun with turttles and beavers. any helpfull suggestions would be greatly appreciated. What i normally do is go and spend all day with my 22lr pickin em off 1 by 1...:50cal:
  2. That sounds like the best and most fun method to me.

    If you have any kids of appropriate age you could pay them $0.10 for each turtle they kill.

    You could invite any friends that are shooters over and have a turtle elimination party. Just charge them one food item at the door and they bring the guns and ammo.
  3. I always like shooting a beaver.
  4. That's what we normally do. Break out the .223cal for more fun.:thumbsup:
  5. I used a .30-06 on frogs once.

    kinda fun, but not much left of them.

    Just be careful about shooting at the water.
  6. I just knew I liked vafish for some reason. :thumbsup:
  7. ROADTRIP! :supergrin:
  8. turtles:

    how about just relocating them and trap them? better than just blasting a turtle for being a turtle. Not every wild life creature needs to be killed because "your" inconvenience.

    beavser can be trapped also and hunted as an game animal. Do OK have seasons for beavers? or trapping licenses ? or is it considered an nuisance animal ?
  9. If you're gonna kill the turtles, do it in a way that doesn't ruin the meat. Turtle's good eating.
  10. make sure when you and your buddies are shooting them up, no one stands on the other side of the pond that your shooting at :) that would suck ****
  11. "There's one out in the middle! Everyone surround the pond, and we'll all shoot on the count of three!" :rofl: :animlol:

    The revenge of the turtles!:supergrin:
  12. well in oklahoma there are laws about shooting turttles, but if you own and stock your ponds then you have the right to "remove" them. There are also trapping permits for turttles and beavers, also certain seoasons too. but i say we just have a big cook out:grill: