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I had a Colt Trooper .357. It was a beautiful gun, but it was terribly inaccurate. It was all used up. I traded it (with duty belt that came with it), for a Ruger Mk. III standard and a Tactical Solutions 10/22 barrel. I didn't own a 10/22 at the time, but I found one. I live near cabelas, and found an Archangel stock in the Bargain Cave for $80. I bought some parts from Cheaper Than Dirt when I had the extra money. I did some trading at local gun shows. 18 months later and approx. $500 (estimated with trades) invested, I had the 10/22 that I am posting pics of.

I took it to the local flea market with us and set it up behind our table. I told everyone who looked at it that I wouldn't take less thatn $550 for it. If I couldn't get the brand new Glock I wanted, I would just keep it! I got $550 cash fot it! Tuesday morning (closed mondays), I was at my local stocking dealer, Nathans Sporting Goods, bellaire, OH, to purchase my new G17 RTF2!!!

I know, a "Tactical" 10/22 isn't very practical, but it was a blast to shoot! The fixed 4x scope was zeroed for 100yds. and worked well enough. I put iron sights on 45deg. offset rails, zeroed for 15yds. It worked great! You could switch between scope/sights in a second or two. Everyone at the range wanted to shoot it! The only problem was with the 50rd. drum mag. It worked fine with 40rds., any more than that didn't work so well. Probably would improve with use. Building it was half the fun! Now I need to start on another one!



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