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    Ok, you turkey hunters, I need a call or three. I want to get a few turkey calls and do some practicing for the up coming spring turkey season. What are the best ones to get, or you've had luck with, brand and type if you don't mind. I've never called turkey before, my bro-in-law always has done it. Even tho I'll be hunting with him on his property again, I want to give it a shot myself. Besides, it''l be funny practicing at work and watching the reaction of all the sheeple ;f

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    Feb 15, 1999
    Only two are needed.

    A crow/owl hooter for pre-dawn locating the roosted birds to get a locator gobble.

    And a box to pur, cluck, and cut with to draw in gobblers on the ground.

    Be careful about using gobbler calls. I can see a newbie getting gobbler greed and shooting in your direction or at least taking out some decoys.

    You can call all day long but if not birds to get to you, all that calling practice is wasted.The rest is simply locating the birds and positioning for the shot while drawing that gobbler in.

    Save your money. Get a GPS locator to mark roosting trees, feeding areas, and strutting zones. That's the most important info.

    Guy at my church just told me his mom has a flock of 20 turkeys on her property. That's where to begin;)

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    Jul 26, 2002
    Scott H,

    There are a number of good products out there, and 'most' of them are good. Like everything else, some are a gimmick.

    To tell you, 'this one is better than that one,' etc... well, that is kinda ruff. Perhaps i should just give a list of the really bad ones, but that may start a war,and that's not my intention here.

    When i started guiding in the 70's, i used a box call,for a while,and there are tons of professional's out there using them,and they work great..! But, 'not for me.' The reason being, i like my hands to be free and not moving around while hunting. Most of our hunts are placing the bird on the hunter at no more than 15-20 yards. (This does not always work out)

    With a big tom in this close, and sometimes, lookout hens around as well, i don't want to be moving around at all, and taking my hands from my lap and getting my gun, and then raising it to shooting position, this is just to much moving around at these close ranges, or at any range for that matter... yet, they work well for many people, and i am in 'no wise' knocking them. box calls, slate calls, the calls mounted under the barrel of your shotgun, pulled with a string, gobbler calls, decoy's, this and that etc....."whew"!!!!

    They all have ther place... they all will work...and the sky is the limit!

    You ask.."Which ones do you guys use, and have luck with?"
    you could get a thousand answers, even more.

    So, i will, like Duncan, give you mine..

    Like duncan said in his post above, an 'owl hooter is good to have,' (unless you can to it with your mouth, it doesn't have to sound to good), they will even gobble on the roost when you slam a truck door,(that is if someone with you doesn't know any better to do that) :)

    We use a diaphram call, made by H.S. Strut. It is called:

    Now, there are, as i said, a zillion calls out there, and different styles within each brand,...i.e. H.S. Strut, has the double D, the 2.5 cutting, triple D, etc. etc.... i may get flack on this one..hope not. But most of this stuff is a 'marketing situation,' like everything else.

    Yes....some of them have there place, and work well,but again, i want to go with the least amount of hassle, and the least amount of stuff.

    So, in about 1981, we started using the H.S. Strut Double D.
    After almost swallowing the thing the first few weeks, i finally got the hang of it..(you got to stick with it), like anything else in life.

    The most important thing for me has been the 'woods time'. spending time out in the woods watching and listening and learning.. THIS IS THE KEY TO HUNTING..BEING ABLE TO HUNT!

    Anyway, in closing, this call, has placed more birds on the table, than you can imagine, i can't even begin to tell you the numbers.

    "For me,"... i can make all the sounds needed with this one call, and we have never failed once, to produce a bird for a hunter. (sometimes it took a day or three), but we always got our bird...This is testimony enough for me...

    Know your game your hunting, do what the birds do, no more, no less, and be still, patient, and concealed, practice your brains out with the "call of choice", and you should be fine.

    You do not have to be a "pro caller" to get a tom.. "I'm certainly not". Just do your home work, and 'do not over call'...
    I'll leave you with this quote i heard years ago.. it is very true,of a deer and turkeys view point of a hunter in the brush.

    To a Deer, every man is a stump. To a turkey, every stump is a man!

    Just be still, and be basic, it works for us!

    See my reply to Duncan, under his post called: Turkey Dispersment
    There may be something there that could help you as well.


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    HS Strut has a 3 pack of mouth calls, I like them.
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    Thanks guys. I think one of the problems we have when hunting toms is over calling. Like I said, my bro-in-law does the calling, but I never said he was any good ;f

    He uses one of the scrath type calls, but again, IMHO, he over calls. I would like to get my own call(s) and try myself.
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    Jul 15, 2002
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    Good gosh what a question ;) It all depends on what you like. I myself like the slate/glass calls the best. For a good production call you might want to check out the Knight & Hale Ol' Yeller. I have had real good luck with this call and it will do anything, clucks, cackles, purrs, yelps, kee-kees, all it takes is practice. For box calls I really like Kenney Harrells calls. They are cheaper then most custom box calls but work great! Here's his link...

    Kenney's Calls

    Every turkey hunter deserves a Midwest Turkey Call catalog. They carry everything from production calls to custom calls of all types. The catalog is free and thier customer service is top notch. Here's their link....

    Midwest Turkey Call

    (granted their webpage could be a TON better)