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Glock 21 Tulsa Sheriff G21 Gen4

  1. Not the specimen I wanted but waited and let two nice ones get away, this one I didn’t even look at it, just bought. Hell I will shoot it and get a nicer one later if I can find one. I am an Okie so I just dig it.[​IMG]

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  2. I love those, nice
  3. pretty cool acquisition; 21 is a fantastic pistol.
  4. That’s pretty cool- never seen one before.
  5. Very cool. Congrats!
  6. Nice score. I spent most of my life in Tulsa. I would like to have one of those.
  7. Nice pickup, I dithered too long to buy one.
  8. Nice find and with the holster wear already on it you won't feel bad really enjoying it.
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    I picked mine up two weeks ago. I ordered it directly from GT Dist. There is no appreciable holster wear and it looks like it hadn’t been shot. I’m very happy with my purchase and love shooting it.

    Frank in Phoenix
  10. I'm a native "Okie" too... Good find amigo!

  11. You suck :). Kidding, I called and they had none by the time I called. That’s a nice one.

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  12. A G21 purchase makes for a good day when you take delivery!
  13. Have carried a 21 Gen 4 for years everyday. Always 100% reliable!! absolutely an amazing firearm