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Tula Ammo--ok for Glock consumption ?

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Greetings all !!

Just got back from Wally World and saw Tula (.45 ACP) ammo for $14.97 per 50 round box. Any experiences with this brand of ammo? The salesperson said it was Russian made.
I would like to assume since it was steel case that it would be the same as Monarch or Wolf.

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I have shot it in my Glock, Beretta and S&W 9mm and 40 cal and have had no problem. Considering the price I think it's great practice ammo!
It's fine. It's basically Wolf.
I prefer brass but during the "great ammo drought" 9mm steel was often all I could find. A friend gave me 1000 rounds of it. I've shot it through Glocks, XD's, SIGs, and all manner of gun. hasn't hurt one of them. Just makes your gun smell from the powder they use. Also got a couple of hard primers. Besides that it shot fine. But Wally World brass is usually about a $1.00-$1.50 per box. So if I could get brass I would pay a little extra for it. But IMHO it's fine to shoot. None of my guns broke an
extractor or had a major problem from it. Be aware some companies say using it will void your warranty. Just got it by word of mouth but supposedly HK says no steel or aluminum in their guns.
Tula is the same exact ammo was black box Wolf. Just without Wolf's backing. So if it messes your gun up, you just might be SOL.

I've shot wolf before with no problems.
There is nothing wrong with Tula, Bear, Wolf Ect. All my guns, including my M1A, (oh noes!) eats it steady. Never a problem. It's quality.
Out of all the russian ammo, I find Tula to be the best. It has the polymer coating, not lacquer, and it also is no where near as dirty or smelly as brown bear.
Just put 50 rounds of Tula 45 ACP through my new RIA 1911. All fed and fired 100%.
Shot some 9mm through a couple of guns and some .40 and .45 through my Glocks. Went bang everytime and had good accuracy. And it actually didn't seem as dirty in my gun as some of the cheap American ammo. And it didn't smell of "cat piss" like some of the Russian stuff. It won't replace Federal or WWB when Wally World has it. But if it's all they have in it's really not bad stuff IMHO.
I had a bad experience with Rusky ammo in '99. A light load that barely cleared the muzzle and what appeared to be a double charge in the same box!! :shocked: My G19 survived but I had to change my shorts. :whistling::supergrin:

However, in all fairness that can happen with any factory ammo and Russian ammo does pass the "Third World ammo test'', i.e., never shoot ammo made in a country without potable water.
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