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Trying to unload my Beretta 92sb compact

  1. Hey all i'm trying to sell this Beretta 92sb compact this was my first gun and am sad to see it go but i'm not sure where i can sell it and what to ask for it. TIA
  2. Ive used armslist before successfully to set up face to face sales.

    Glocktalk also has a classified section:

    As for price, I'll leave that to someone who knows what it's worth.
  3. I found this reference for the value of the gun. http://www.firearmspriceguide.com/guns/view/2492

    It's a pretty big range $375 for fair condition - $650 for very good condition.

    Maybe one of the beretta fans will chime in with a real world street value.
  4. I guess what the market will bring. I'm not sure this type of gun is very popular.
  5. Got pics?
  6. Beretta's are gaining in value each day. Your pistol could be worth quite a bit depending on how old it is, it's condition and if you have the original box, papers and mags.

    If it works, keep it. Otherwise sell it on Gunbroker.