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Trump warns Democrats he might pack Supreme Court if GOP holds White House and Senate

  1. Trump warns Democrats he might pack Supreme Court if GOP holds White House and Senate
    Donald Trump responded to some Democrats warning they might “pack” the Supreme Court if they win the White House and Senate by saying Republicans should do just that if they hold onto power in November’s elections.

    "I guess we could do that too, right? We could do that too,” the president said during a campaign rally in Jacksonville as he courted voters in the key swing state of Florida.

  2. Note that at the bottom of the article, Yahoo posts this:

    "Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting."
  3. As both sides have historically learned, be careful what you wish (and vote) for.
  4. What’s good for the goose...

    (Not in favor of expanding the Court, BTW.)
  5. What are the legalities?
  6. Neither party will do it without having the House and the Senate as well as the White House...

    Can't be done just because you want to do it...

    Congress sets the number of Justices, just like passing a law. Requires both Houses to agree and sign-off by the President. I'm not sure even a veto-proof majority is acceptable, as this is considered part of the balance of power between the three equal branches of government.
  7. I think the supreme court holds too much power, no way in hell would I support adding more justices to swing the vote ... this would become an endless process where both parties would one up each other
  8. I think Trump is just smacking the Democrats around a little more here. Trump has them
    on the ropes and them dopes don’t have the skill to rope a dope back.

    Getting Amy Coney Barrett appointed and voted in before the election is going to demoralize some democrat voters enough that they may just not bother voting. The Democrats know this all too well.
  9. Trollmaster Trump.
  10. I don’t think Trump would actually do this, but he is the master troller. I guess I’m strange, because I enjoy this trolling.
    It really tweaks them, a lá “Hey Russia, maybe you can find Hillary’s emails for our media”.
    Brilliant! Congratulations, Mr. President!


  11. So Trump repeats what the Dems have been saying all week, that they will pack the courts. Then he says, "I guess we could do that too, right? We could do that too.”

    Then they came up with that bull**** headline to deflect that the Democrats have been saying that all week.
  12. You’re right, they do this same “stuff” all the time. When they’re guilty of something, the media doesn’t report the demoncats misdeed, instead reporting on the Republican reaction with ”Republicans Pounce……”. Typical media bs. You can tell, since their lips will be moving. When you start watching for this, it’s easy to spot.


  13. This will likely trigger the democrats to start saying how packing the Supreme Court is a terrible idea, and that there have been nine justices for over a hundred and fifty years now and that that is a perfect number of them.

    Likely a masterful troll on the president's part. As has often been stated, Trump could tweet in favor of oxygen and the left would hold their breath.

  14. If he keeps stirring the pot some of those geezers could stroke out.

    We don't need term limits, we've got Trump...:faint: