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Trump supporter, 82, ‘violently assaulted’ by motorist, 27, police say

  1. "Massachusetts Trump supporter, 82, ‘violently assaulted’ by motorist, 27, police say


    The Fall River, Mass., man says he was holding a Trump sign and wearing a Trump hat when suddenly a motorist allegedly got out of his car and charged toward him. “Give me the (expletive) sign!” the suspect said, according to police. “The guy, when he came at me, I had never seen a horror story … that the face was so filled with hate and anger, as his was,” Chase told WPRI-TV of Providence, R.I.

    Everything happened so fast that Chase had to ask a buddy what transpired, he said.
    “According to the other fella that was with me, I didn’t know that [the suspect] had lifted me up, but he apparently lifted me up and flung me down on my back to the ground,” Chase told the station.

    The suspect, identified as Aidan Courtright, 27, of Fall River, also grabbed Chase’s Trump sign, tore it in half, and threw it on the ground, the Providence Journal reported.
    After Chase landed on the ground, the suspect allegedly kicked the elderly man in his ribs and legs before returning to his vehicle and driving away, police said.
    Police responded to the scene on a call that Chase was “violently targeted for his political views and violently assaulted,” the Journal reported. The offices saw visible bruising on Chase’s lower back and he was treated at a local hospital, the report said.

    https://www.foxnews.com/us/massachu...violently-assaulted-by-motorist-27-police-say "
  2. Almost daily I see hate boiling out of the anti Trump crowd.
    I just can not imagine a life filled with so much hate.

    I have seen it said that liberalism is a disease, but Trump haters take it to an all time high!
  3. Why don’t they do it to someone more capable of fighting back?

    Edit:^ vaginas
  4. How do we live with these people? Is it possible to go back to normal as one nation? It isn't just a few individuals who think like this guy.

  5. I'm 82. I'd like to see that punk try that with me.

    The POS would eat a couple 9mm.

  6. You get proficient with a handgun, carry it at all times, and be mentally prepared to use it legally.
  7. That's good for defense, but we need to go on offense. We have to stop the leftist indoctrination of our youth or it's all over. I would rather teach them when they are children than shoot them in self defense when we are all older.
  8. TDS is a real mental disorder. We see it manifesting itself all over the country. These people need to be locked away in mental institutions. They are incapable of rational, acceptable behavior in a normal society.
  9. Charge him with terrorism, since he attacked and terrorized for political reasons / purposes.

    Edit: never mind, since we now know the FBI supports nearly all forms of terrorism.
  10. The attacker must have been truly upset to delay meeting his boyfriend for Tapas to stomp an old guy. I’m sure his bf was super dooper proud of him!
  11. This was in Mass. You’d be in more trouble than the perp, and that would include his gunshot wounds.
  12. There are more Trump flags flying here than American flags.
    I don’t ever see ANYONE trying to do much about it.
    They’re on boats, trucks, motorcycles and houses.
  13. If you were the old guy, what would you have done?

    Pull your smoke wagon and if he didn't stop, shoot him? Run Away? Spray him with Pepper Spray? Or take a beating. Not much chance of success throwing down when you're 82.

    Just curious. I would probably go the pepper spray route and run.
  14. I’d have kicked him right square in the nuts :nutcheck:
  15. So, I'm driving down the street and I see someone holding a sign. Next, I stop the car, get out and run over to the sign holder and knock the sh*t out of him (her). That is some scary stuff.
  16. I see Hannity featured this guy in Jupiter FL.. When his neighbors complained to the HOA about his Trump flag, he renamed his boat Trump, registered the name, and had a $7,000 wrap applied. Now it's really in their faces.

  17. Tossing a 82 yr old to the ground, putting the boots to him when down. IMO that’s attempted murder. It’s very possible it could cause death, Permanent injuries.
    The attacker is a danger to the community.

  18. Most 82 year olds probably can't run away very fast.

    Judging from the information in the OP, it sounds like deadly force may have been justified.

    Picking up an 82 year old and throwing him on the ground, then kicking him in the ribs could have killed him.
  19. use the sign handle to punch whatever target is available. Just don't let him leave without a "souvenir"!!
  20. I am constantly amazed at the anger, violence the media shows from white men who support Trump. They used that time a guy ran his car into a group almost 2 yrs ago for a long time.
    I just don’t recall all those senseless acts of violence they say white men do.. they did report them didn’t they?
    I seem to recall people condemning the violence. I never hear the left say “beating that man for exercising his rights was wrong”. But we are violent?