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Trump misspells Adam Schiff's name again

  1. LOL. The last quality I want in a foxhole mate is gentlemanly conduct. I want the kind of guy who is willing to whatever it takes to make sure we come out alive at the end of the day. You have a good point about him being crass, but the analogy is faulty to say the least.

    Class. Class left politics around the 1980's, probably earlier, but I wasn't here before then so I can't comment. Class, like respect, are two way streets and those that show little class have no right to demand it. Those who chose to act classy/respectful towards others who show them no class or respect are just going to get hit harder. Typical bully behavior. They re going to dish it so long as you're taking it. Most likely escalate as well.

    Politics has never been classy. They used to murder one another, which in all likelihood was probably better for society as it thinned the useless herd. Then they grew civilized and only back stabbed each other economically and politically. Today with the help of mass media they are all throwing public tantrums and idiot voters keep re-electing them. Go figure.
  2. Aww, come on, dueling has always been classy!


  3. Beats having cankles.
  4. And cloven hooves.
  5. We need a political leader with the kind of class to say opponents should sit at the back of the bus; or say, "We won -- deal with it"; or call half of the voting population "deplorables"; or say you want to beat up a political opponent; or call half of the citizenry bitter clingers of guns and religion...

    ...But none of those was Donald Trump... :whistling:

  6. Being a Gentleman and having the intestinal fortitude to be a foxhole buddy are not inherently diverse.