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Trump misspells Adam Schiff's name again

  1. I know some of you don't like this stuff but I love it!

    Pelosi & Schitt by Trump 2.png
  2. Yea. I thought it was just one "T".
  3. Troll in Chief :laughabove:
  4. Miyamoto Musashi, Japan's greatest swordsman and the author of Book of Five Rings, would approve. :)

  5. I don't think it was a misspelling, and I tried using it here on another thread but it didn't work out well for me. It was informative anyway.
  6. I would have thought by now The most Honorable Congressman Adam Schiff (please take note of my obedience to the rules about using his proper name and title and not calling him something like "That Pencil-Necked Bug-Eyed Geek") would be used to those mean bullies making fun of his name by now. I don't think that "safe spaces" were popular when he was in grade school.

    I wonder if President Trump has been banned from Glock Talk for not using the Congressman's proper name??
  7. Sounds good to ME....

  8. Ain't seen him post in a while....maybe the hammer got him?
  9. My God I hope not!!! I wonder what his username is? And I used the word God so this whole thread is dust in the wind.

    Somebody link the group Kansas, Dust in the Wind now please.
  10. He does not deserve to have his name spelled correctly! he is a waste!
  11. As requested...
  12. If this is not an impeachable offense, I don’t know what is.
  13. To paraphrase Shakespeare, "Would not a turd by any other name smell just as foul?"
  15. Thanks!!!
  16. I got slapped for it when Hillary was running last time. I think the rule is proper name only. Pejorative nicknames are not OK alone. Like Adam "the POS garbage" Schiff could pass but just the quoted part would not. Let's see if I get warned again.
  17. "Awe schiff. Did it agian!"
  18. I bet it was autocorrect...
  19. Hahaha, that was great!!! Excuse me now, gotta take a Schiff!!!!!
  20. To change topic. I remember the (seems like at least a half dozen times) the MSM warned that Trump (no disrespect intended) was/would cause the stock market to crash...and worse.
    IIRC less then 4 months ago it dropped 400 points? And again they started it was Trumps fault... Never mind the gains it kept getting.
    Basicly who can trust the MSM? I find watching the news except local is only to find a starting point to find out what happened today. In ten minutes I find the news reported is incomplete, incorrect, and slanted.
    Yesterday I listened to NPR. On immigration. A more slanted view is hard to find.
    It's Trumps fault a family from Honderous who illegally entered the United States were caught. Sent back to Mexico where a hour after being interviewed by NPR the father, one son were kidnapped. Held for 4 days before family of his raised $1400 to pay to immigration official?

    Ok tons of questions with story. But first it's the Presidents fault a illegal was deported? Why was the 19 yr old Daughter not kidnapped? Where was she those 4 days? They did not report it toPolice except IIRC in NEW YORK. NPR declined to give any money as its a story.
    Do the guy decided not to show for his immigration hearing, took his family back home.

    This extreamly slanted story basicly was. "Don't sneak into America, they won't reward you anymore". Now I would want to go after cartel kidnappers. (Should be easy if you can find honest Mexican law enforcement). Tag a couple illegals you send across the bridge. (It made it clear what the kidnappers look for). Follow them, arrest the group there, Coca Cola......arrest more.
  21. Problem solved, dont use his last name,just say pencil-neck and there won't be a problem knowing who were talking about.
  22. It's funny how so many cartoon caricaturists are now drawing in a pencil to represent his neck... :rofl: :rofl:

  23. It's amazing that this forum would ban the President's quotes.
  24. I'm not complaining that the word was blurred on my post, I guess I could have got in trouble with the mods but instead that was their compromise. That's fine. I've been a mod on other boards and it's a thankless job. I appreciate not getting in trouble for it.

    I do want to make a couple of points though as to why I didn't give it a second thought about posting it.

    It was a quote of the President.
    It wasn't spelled like the word some find offensive.
    That word is now said on broadcast tv multiple times every night and was ruled by the FCC to be ok.
    Turd was used in another post and is apparently fine. I don't really see the difference.

    Again though, not complaining, not calling out the mods, they do a great job. Just explaining why I didn't think the post would be considered offensive.

  25. So the maximum punishment for treason and sedition in modern America is calling the perpetrator a poopyhead. Great.
  26. He is the smartest, most clever person to ever speak. Ever. Don't even...no, you're fired. And you're fired. And some baby tears.
  27. Nope, not true. Here's the rule again.
    If you want to say Adam Schiff has a pencil neck or Schiff is a pencil neck, that is fine. Using 'pencil neck' in place of his name is not.

    The rule is not new. It's been in place since March 25, 2017.
  28. edit
  29. There - fixed it for you!
    (plagiarizing another GT'er - forget who)
  30. [​IMG]
  31. What happened to Class?
  32. War is not classy.

    Street fighting is where we are at. Toughen up or go home.
  33. It’s been dismissed. Schools out!!
  34. What wars have you fought? Not on the ether, I mean. Class is still Class. It's missing from our society.
  35. I read your original post. It was a legitimate comment. I want to address it.

    Before you joined, leading up to and after the 2016 election, the use of derogatory, vulgar, obscene misspellings and nicknames had become a huge problem.

    We tried asking politely. That didn't work. Absent voluntary help with the problem, vote Republican published the Rule #1.
  36. If you want to lose **ALL** your firearms and second amendment rights, and want high **middle class** taxes in the future, along with having a *much greater* part of your 401k account money stolen from you through increased tax rates in the future, then vote Democrat.
    Don't be deceived by the brain washing propaganda of the extreme socialist Democrat Party leadership and their partner in crime, the fake news media.
  37. If it smells like a duck.....
  38. I thought it came together pretty good in Desert Storm.
    I'm 55, been watching since I got out in 92. Been married 30 years!
    You want to pass the Bull **** from the Dems with class? Kick them in the balls and Knee them in the the nose, and stick your class up your ass.
    I say that with the utmost respect.
    There does not need to be all the hatred when you are handing out the ass whooping. Some folks just need their asses kicked. Do it with class.
  39. I'm not amazed at all.

    That's what this forum has become. It's a safe space for the tender hearted

  40. Maybe, but he's getting done, and will continue to do so right into 2024....
  41. Lol
  42. The left deserves no respect.
  43. Yes, you most assuredly put me in my place with Class.
  44. I'm not fighting with you Terry. I enjoy your take on things. You just can't cover things up with the , real classy, line. You gotta look deeper. That's the classy thing to do
  45. I really could not give a Schiff
  46. What's amazing about it? The rules are based on the quotes themselves, not on who says them. What is it about being President that changes that?
  47. He's a very crude and crass President. However you may admire him he's no Gentleman. I wouldn't care to share a foxhole with him either.
  48. You want to share a foxhole with a gentleman?

    I'd be looking for a couple of other traits.
    What trait about trump makes you think he'd let you down in a foxhole?
  49. Bone Spurs.
  50. :what: