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Trump has testes the size of Bowling Balls!

  1. The man is ****ing fearless!

    Listen to his 7 minute speech he gave at the UN today. Holy ****!

    He pinned China to the wall over covid, and called out the UN for their inaction on a couple different topics. The guy is made of steel.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQezb5YDRSc
  2. Yes. He does NOT pull any punches. He gets to the point and actually does what he says- which is what DOES NOT make him a politician- but a real public servant. All that AND he donates his salary...............
    I would have NEVER guessed we would be here five years ago- but what a difference.
    But biden, on the other hand.........................................................................................
  3. lol I LOVE the no nonsense IN YOUR FACE b-slap down , someone needs to get these UN sissies a safe space to cry themselves to sleep in.
  4. Beta males don't like him.
  5. The UN needs to hear it, bunch of useless do nothings.
  6. Yup...takes no sh!t!
  7. Oorah!:flag:
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  9. That was freakin' great!
  10. That is MY President!
  11. Mic Drop.jpg
  12. That was great! Finally - a President with a backbone.
  13. Awesome fearless speech.
    Future generations of Americans will call Trump the President Honey Badger.
  14. Great speech, but "God bless the UN"??? WTF. Why? No need for that. That's all politics.
  15. His campaign is probably furiously working on an apology statement to China and the UN as we type...
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  17. Our POTUS is not politically correct, he says what he think, I do not think he goes a s**t if your offended, not a lier like his preasessor. image.png
  18. Magnificent.
  19. If he gets four more years to continue transforming the middle east and shattering economic records here, he'll go down as the greatest President in history.

    The man is not a politician, he's a fearless leader.
  20. Enjoy this President as greatness like this does not come around very often.

    History will treat him kindly.
  21. Put a yuge "For Sale" sign in front of the UN.
  22. The man doesn't have an ounce of politician in him......... and I like it.
  23. Well...That's MY President and after that,I know for 300% he has my vote once again!!
  24. Our liberal members are gnashing their teeth right now...
  26. Plain speaking. Love it.
  27. Just listened with the wife........very good.
  28. That's easy.

    Because the UN is such a disastrous train wreck, the only thing that could ever make it productive is actual divine intervention.
  29. God Bless our President Donald Trump and our United States of America!
  30. Good
  31. Pretty much nailed that to a tree. I think we are starting to see a whole new level to Trump.
  32. He becomes more presidential every time I hear him.

    I do not understand the hatred.
  33. I recently asked this question to others on a cycle forum. Some responses from conservatives were they didn't like his personality or character. I am like what?

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  34. Amazing speech. Wow!
    Knocked it out of the park.

    That’s the plainest, most forceful language I’ve heard from a President since Reagan.
    Made me proud. :flag:
  35. That recent book comparing Mr. Trump to Mr. Churchill is looking more prescient with each passing day.

    Both men appealing to non-Beta males. “We shall fight on the beaches. We shall never surrender!” I want a nation full of such men. And women.
  36. Right off I knew it was going to be a good speech when he started with the "China virus". That and all of his speeches are very good. I never expected to see a great president in my lifetime. I know he has shrewdly held back his first term and expect we will soon witness his true greatness.
  37. Best president in my 61 years, hands down.
  38. I enjoyed seeing that Communist POS squirm when the camera was on him.

    I also enjoyed seeing the applause after his speech. I have a feeling verbally punching China in the face resonated with many of our allies who took a big hit with this pandemic.
  39. I do.....It's because Trump is the tornado taking out the house of cards the politicians and MSM have created for themselves......

    MAGA, KAGA.....and God bless America! :flag:
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  41. Not really, just more blowhard BS, as per usual. He’s keeping his base fed.
  42. I didn't know Trump's base was the UN General Assembly. :chatter:
    He's more popular than I thought!
  43. That was probably the response of the typical UN audience member.
  44. He brought the same writers from WWF into the WH Admin.

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  45. Maybe your response belies your words?

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  46. The liberal world just got. :nutcheck:

    So did the DU.'08. :animlol:
  47. this is why President Trump is so great at his job. He's not afraid to tell it like it is. Have you heard any dem.. Say anything bad about China?
  48. Are you and your life partner going to move to Canada when he wins reelection?
  49. Wow. In my entire life I have never had a president that I was proud to say was my president. 5 years ago I would have never imagined Donald Trump would end up being that president. God Bless America and God Bless Donald Trump.
  50. I just viewed the speech. Now, that’s how an American President should speak to the world. I can’t imagine those same words coming from any other current, or recently past, Presidential candidates.