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Trump commutes sentence of ex-Gov. Blagojevich, pardons Kerik

  1. Well, he's probably needing some back-up's for cabinet positions so he's stocking up.
  2. Fair enough....we have murderers who need the space...
  3. Weren't they both in Club Fed ? I don't think they put murderers there do they?
  4. Blagojevich is a ****bag. Trump should have left him to rot.
  5. A cage is still a cage. I despised Blago but it was the Northern IL. Democrat power base that gave him such a long stretch in the hokey. Madigan, Daley....ect. The kind of people who have been selling spots for generations and Blago refused to play ball with them and instead got his own thing going.

    He was arrogant, he was stupid, he was a fool. And I wanted him to rot regardless of anything but a 7+ year stretch is enough. Murderer's have plead down to less.
  6. Good. Let him out. Let’s focus on keeping in violent criminals.
  7. I have no love for Blago, but when his trial and sentencing proceedings were taking place, I had the sense he was being railroaded to some extent. In some shape or form, he seemed to have run afoul of the Chicago political machine (Obama?).

    If I'm backing President Trump in his fight against government prosecutorial overreach and excessive sentencing (e.g., Roger Stone), then I have to be fair and apply it to Blago also.

  8. I like Kerik.
  9. IMO this was a good thing to do. I live in Illinois and am not a fan of Blago but I agree with President Trump that a 14 year sentence for what he was accused of doing is ridiculous especially considering the likes of Comey and McCabe getting zip, zero NADA (so far anyway) for their lying to congress, leaking, FISA abuse, and covering up Hillary Clinton's crimes. Violent felons who repeatedly commit violent crimes with guns often get less prison time that that in Crook County,
  10. I have complete faith that the President knows what he is doing. I'm ok with this.
  11. No violent criminals in Federal Prison Camps.. They are not Country Clubs, but they're in no way "Hard Time." Why in the world did Trump pardon this crook? He should have left him to rot. It just encourages the politician's in a state known for graft and corruption. Now please tell me why this was a clever move?
  12. Huzzah! I am happy that he pardoned Bernie Kerik. :flag::cowboy:
  13. Your joking, right?
  14. Blago is to some extent a swipe at Comey IMO. In his remarks the President referred to Comey's role in the Blago prosecution.
  15. So much for draining the swamp.
  16. Blago deserved all he got, I wish Trump had left him to finish his time.
  17. Yeah, Blago was an idiot and Trump should not have done that. And if Bernie Kerik was truly guilty I would not have pardoned him either. He admitted fraud and as a Public official guilty of fraud, the hell with him. Let him live with it. The other 11 I have no idea about, but as far as I'm concerned if you are convicted and fairly sentenced.....tough, just live with it.
  18. Really??? Blago was never part of the DC Swamp. In fact, this action was a swipe at Comey, who was a part of the DC Swamp.
  19. I give that comment a 96%. Well done. Ignore the superficial, and dig for The Truth.
  20. It's all about govt corruption dude. It's funny how people can rationalize that. If Obama had commuted his sentence you'd been calling for his head.
  21. ^^^^^^^
    This x 100.

    He'll find something. He's a corrupt scumbag politician. He'll fit right back in to Chicago politics.
  22. I don't see the advantage or benefit. Campaign promises of draining the swamp were great. Hot Rod is the epitome of the swamp and should pay the full penalty of his crimes, in my opinion.
  23. I absolutely do not agree with the blago decision, that scumbag deserves to rot in jail
  24. Everything he does now should be with an eye on re-election.
    Bad optics Donald, bad optics. You should have waited until Dec.
  25. It's not like he could ever get elected again.
    It cost a lot of money to keep a guy in prison. Lets keep the most dangerous guys in for a long time and let the idiots like Blagojevich out after a few years.
  26. Terrible decision.
  27. Nothing like rationalization. LOL
  28. Did blago rat some people out?...................if so, maybe worth it
  29. Not sure if serious or sarcastic. I'm no fan of Blago but the timing of this is interesting in the context of Flynn and Stone. Politically Blago is dead so why not exploit this for some other objective?
  30. I wonder if Bernie will have to fight NYPD, for his right for them, to re-issue him a new Retiree ID, with out the NO firearms restriction.

    After all, a presidential pardon restores ALL your rights, as if the offense never happened. Also, to see if his state of residence, the Republic of New Jersey reinstates his carry license and FOID card.
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  32. Trump knows what he`s doing, just let him do what he does, it will be worth it.
    The 2024 election is what you all should be ALOT more concerned with.

    TRUMP 2020!!!

  33. Unless they completely changed the system, the used to be level One camps, now called Minimum Security Camps, are for non-violent offenders who have no violence in their past. I know a bit about the sentencing guide lines.
  34. Regardless of his motivation or ulterior motives ( if they exist)...he will be crucified by the MSM for the pardons...too bad, as his predecessor was given a pass for his pardons...
  35. This was just plain wrong. The highest elected official in the State is found to be completely corrupt. Don't forget he's doing time for what he was convicted of, not all of what he did. So let's show the people of Illinois that we JUST DON'T CARE if their politicians are corrupt and that your being taxed to death to pay for all the graft and bribery. Four out of what was it? Seven Governor's get convicted of crimes in office so instead of a harsh sentence to be served, I'll just go ahead and pardon him to show the people of Illinois that their rolling a rock up hill. This is outrageous. If anything showed me Trump supporter's here are blind, it was support of this move. As someone said, What if Obama had done this? "Oh, but Obama did!" So okay, that means you support wrongdoing in office? BS Dirty Politics.
  36. You will be extremely disappointed if you expect your POTUS to clean up corruption at the state, county, and local level in all 50 states. Most of us here realize that and are happy with Trump's efforts at the federal level.
  37. Yeah, I just don't get it. It's hard to talk creditably about ending government corruption while commuting the sentence of a man who literally tried to sell a senate seat.
  38. I guess there’s no doubt that Blago was a dirty, under-handed, crook who deserved to be locked up...I just got a laugh out of him because I thought he looked like the con-man “Otter” from the old Animal House movie...Other than that, he was just another politician on the take...
  39. What Martha Stewart did was just as bad as what Blagojevich did, I don't remember anyone saying she should be in prison for 14 years. Only an idiot thinks a white collar crime like this even comes close to deserving such a sentence. You can kill someone and get less time, WTF.
  40. Democrat trump past showing.
    Something on him.
  41. You are correct, and I know a bit about the topic as well.

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  42. Don't you have a sammich or something to be making. :outtahere:
  43. Who exactly was asking him to clean up corruption anywhere? This crook was already sentenced and that should have been that. Why did he stick his nose into the matter in the first place? A guilty politician so let's pardon him. Given Illinois record it was long past time to make an example, not to favor this jerk with a pardon. Something really smell's here.
  44. What Martha Stewart did was as bad ? I have to strongly disagree with you on that.
  45. Then why get involved with a state corruption issue at all? He should have left it alone.